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The "I have an offer from Edinburgh" thread [NO DISCUSSION]

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    Okay ladies and gentlemen, it seems that a few offers are starting to come out now for international (non EU) students so its about time we got our offers thread sorted out.

    Most of you will NOT be hearing from Edinburgh until after the January 15th deadline with a lot of people waiting well into March for a decision on their application now. The people who are getting offers at this stage are by and large international students who are subject to different considerations than people who are eligible for home fees.

    However, well done if you do have an offer! If you'd like, you can share your news here with:

    Offer Conditions:
    International or Home/EU:

    Firm/Insurance choice: (update this thread when you've decided on your choices)

    Please take any chat/excitement/discussion/panic relating to other people's offers (or your own) to one of these threads:

    Applicant chat thread

    The Edinburgh FAQ/Q&A/Ask a Current Student thread

    The outside courses/extra subjects question & help thread
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    Course: English Literature
    Offer Conditions: 34 IB points with 5-5-5 at HLs.
    Reaction: Completely and utterly thrilled
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    Course: Computer Science & Electronics
    Offer Conditions: Unconditional
    Reaction: Thrilled to get the offer, but Cambridge is my first choice (Edinburgh is probably =2nd with Bristol and Imperial)
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    Course: Public Health (MPH)
    Offer Conditions: Two satisfactory references (my references hadn't uploaded at the time the offer was made)
    Reaction: Very pleasantly surprised to get an offer so quickly, especially seeing as my undergrad was unrelated to public health
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    Course: Social Anthropology
    Offer Conditions: BBB with one being economics
    Reaction: Yay. When I received an email from them, I was so scared it was a rejection.
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    Course: Artificial intelligence & Computer Science
    Conditions: 80% Average including Math and at least 50% in English on my British Columbian Diploma
    Reaction: That was quick
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    Course: Law
    Offer Conditions: 34 IB points, 5-5-5 HL points
    Reaction: Ecstatic!
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    Course: International Relations
    Offer Conditions: BBB
    Reaction: happy to get an offer but it's not my first choice.. but thrilled as it's my 1st offer (hope its not the last!) and all my friends had already gotten at least 2!
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    Course code/name: L100/Economics
    Offer: Conditional BBB
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    Course: MSc Artificial Intelligence
    Condition: 2:1 undergraduate degree
    Reaction: Thrilled and surprised because I didn't expect such a quick answer. Edinburgh is my second choice so I'm still waiting for other answers to come
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    Course: Graduate Entry Law
    Conditions: Unconditional
    Reaction: Intrigued
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    Course:Archaeology and Social Anthropology
    Condition: Successful completion of French Baccalaureate with an overall score of 14, with 12 in three subjects.

    I don't understand "12 in three subjects". To get an overall score of 14 I need more than 14 in most subjects anyway. So do they mean that I can't get lower than 12 in three subjects?

    reaction: very pleased with myself. now I feel motivated to stop reading about archaeology all the time and get to work on physics, math and chemistry. 14, here I go!
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    Course: French and History (RV11)
    Offer Conditions: Conditional BBB at A Level (to include French)
    Reaction: Delighted! Am hoping this will be my insurance but it's my only offer so far... fingers crossed for a few more!
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    Course: History
    Offer Conditions: Unconditional!!
    Reaction: Delighted!! I'm so happy
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    Just to remind you all - this is a NO discussion thread.

    If you want to talk about offers or find out about other people's applications then please use the applicant chat thread rather than this one. The point of having two threads is to keep one free from discussion/clutter as then its easier to find out who has offers
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    Course: Sociology and Politics
    Conditions: Unconditional
    Reaction: Relieved
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    Course: Genetics C400
    Offer Conditions: AAB
    Reaction: Super ecstatic! Jumping up and down shouting "yes! yes! yes!" included.
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    course: History
    conditions: unconditional
    reaction: happy but not my first choice, still waiting for other replies!
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    Course: Architecture K100
    Offer Conditions: 34 IB Points, 555 on HL subjects
    Reaction: No words! Edinburgh is my top choice and my first offer!
    Very very happy to say the least.
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    Course: LLM
    Offer Conditions: Unconditional
    Reaction: Wordless....feel like crying !


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