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Common Misconceptions

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    As a kid I used to call swearing 'squaring' and 'square words'
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    I used to think inset days were called insect days, and the day before one I'd capture some woodlice from my garden, only to be told I didn't have to go in the next day
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    I hate Tooth faced people
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    NZ is a modern developed country.

    The truth from people who live there seems to be that it is a developing third world backwater.
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    For years until I was 14 (I think) I had a habit of saying 'revelant' instead of 'relevant'. Wrote it the wrong way for years too

    I also never knew kerfuffle was an actual word until last year, I just thought it was one of those made-up words people use.
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    my mum told me she was giving a guinea to someone as part of their wedding present, and it took me so long to realise that she didn't mean a guinea pig but meant some gold coin
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    "Bananas do not grow on trees"

    I just read that on the Wikipedia article. What do they grow on then?? *googles*

    EDIT: While they look like trees they are actually 'herbs'... I did not know that...
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    It is possible to lick your own elbow (disproved that you couldn't myself ^_^). And the tongue 'taste map' is false.

    When I was little I once wrote 'Christmas!' on every single month, not realising each page represented a month, not a year. I also could have sworn that Christmas day was the 24th.
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    Seems to be a new thing with mis-spelling lose as 'loose'. I'm far from perfect when it comes to English but it's such a simple word. I've deleted over 20 people from facebook due to a failure to spell 'loose' correctly on a status.
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    could never manage to say car park, came out as par cark every time
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    (Original post by Fusion)
    Water plus some type of protein
    It's myoglobin. Myoglobin is like haemoglobin for muscles (in basic terms). Whilst it may not be "blood" as in red blood cells, it's fair to say it's that it's pretty akin to blood. Also, the red stuff isn't just water and myoglobin, a lot of the liquid component will be similar to the liquid components of blood anyway.
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    Until I was 13 had no idea calling someone half caste was rude or derogatory, so I'd be calling mixed race people this with out any idea how offensive I was being
    and not till a couple years later did I know why it was offensive
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    There was a song we used to sing in primary school that went like...
    "Who built the ark,
    Noah Noah,
    Who built the ark
    Brother Noah built the ark"

    I used to think it was
    "Who built the ark,
    No-one No-one,
    Who built the ark
    Brother No-one built the ark"
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    Beware! The OP is a QI elf in disguise, seeking to harvest our misconceptions to create the ultimate general ignorance round. :ninja:
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    More on hymns at Primary school, for years I missheard;

    'Dance, then, wherever you may be;
    I am the Lord of the Dance said he,'


    'Dance, then, wherever you may be;
    I am the Lord of the Damp Settee,' ...

    Always wondered why exactly we were singing about this guy...
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    (Original post by KKKKatie)
    could never manage to say car park, came out as par cark every time
    Me too! I still do it sometimes
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    I don't know if it's just americans but I always see people online type I could care less instead of I couldn't care less.

    For example they'll say "I could care less if you hate me".

    It's not even a typo, so I have no idea why alot of people seem to say that :confused:
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    When i was younger, i remember watching a football match between Celtic vs Rangers years ago.

    I kept on thinking the commentator said 'And...it's still Ian Petrov on the ball'

    Now i just hang my head in shame...
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    I thought that Birmingham was called 'Burning Ham' when I was little.
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    My parents always used to tell me I was being "unnuisance".


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