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Unite accommodation issues

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    Hey all,

    Please use this thread to air any grievances you have or have encountered whilst staying in any of Unite's properties.

    Our problems include:

    -Being charged £80 for unexplained admin fee's.
    -Locking you into a years contract, even when you're no longer studying.
    -Not getting any reply when you try to email them about problems with your contract.
    -Rude security guards and receptionists
    -Bed Bugs found in beds.

    We personally feel we're been taken for a ride by Unite and something needs to be done NOW to stop Unite getting away with it.

    We're trying to organise a protest at Unite's head offices in Bristol on the Saturday 26th November.

    If you feel like you've been mistreated by Unite, or indeed your university accommodation in general, whether or not they're run by Unite, then post your grievances here.

    Check out our Facebook page- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Unite-...57541410964073

    Student's should not be treated this way. Student accommodation is pricey enough as it is. We should not receive second class accommodation for the prices we pay.

    Air your woes! Make the change!
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    Don't even get me started oN these fools. In the end I had to threaten them and the university to stop harssing for payment which I was not reliable for, since I missed my offer for my firm. Wouldn't you know they quickly apologised for THEIR mistake. I would rather sleep in the cold then ever deal with them again.
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    Have to say my experience of Unite (near the o2 in bristol) was thankfully a lot nicer. They do check your rooms a lot, but I don't really recall having any problems except a light going out which they replaced. Maybe I got quite lucky.

    Regarding the contract, well there is nothing you can complain about since you did sign it. Unless they changed the contract midway or something like that??
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    Obviously, yes we did sign the contract- It's the fact that the contract locks you in so much. It's a clever and snide way to make money off students. As far as I'm aware its only unite and possibly some unilet houses that actually lock you in for a year. They know that sometimes students drop out of uni for whatever reason (the course/personal problems etc) and there seems to be no leeway at all. We've been told that had we chosen uni run halls then we would have only been charged for the amount of time we stayed there and released from our contracts. Obviously when we applied for halls, it was never made clear who ran what, it was only up to the point of no return we were informed it was run by unite and it was a case of sign the contract or live on the streets/find your own place. At this point though, things seemed okay because we hadn't started our courses yet. This is our main beef with the company. The fact they lock you into that contract and offer no help or support when the time comes to leave. It's scandalous.
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    I've been living with in a Unite property in Manchester sine September and it is absolutely horrible. The security are not only rude but extremely aggressive towards people when they get called out at night. My flatmates revived a noise complaint when I was out of the building and the next day the building manager is banging on my door at 9am literally shouting through the door to come into the kitchen. I just slipped a note under the door politely telling him to **** off b4 and talk to the people that made the noise. Also the tap water in the kitchen is undrinkable and they seem unable to do anything about it. The bin area outside is always a mess, no surprise that we always see rats. If anyone is considering living with them next year, just don't.
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    I just find it silly how you cant leave the contract when youve left university. I dropped out after a month because university wasnt for me, and I paid for a full terms accomodation, only to find out I am required to pay for the entire yeear out of my own pocket, seeing as I cant receive any student finance anymore as im not studying. It's ridiculous.
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    anyway had any experience with concept place in leeds, cos im thinking about that for next year.
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    If its a Unite property then don't live there unless you're 100% sure you'll last at least a year at uni. I've given up trying to find a tenant for my room. I'm just going to get a job and live there for a year. Then I'm off to (hopefully) a better uni and a better course. :-)
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    (Original post by Liam2987)
    If its a Unite property then don't live there unless you're 100% sure you'll last at least a year at uni. I've given up trying to find a tenant for my room. I'm just going to get a job and live there for a year. Then I'm off to (hopefully) a better uni and a better course. :-)
    If i am 100% sure i'd stay, whats it like socially? Do the flats tend to mix? Good with your new uni and course
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    It depends really. I guess all halls are different. People in our halls are pretty social (Corfe House in Poole) but it depends on the people I guess. If the university allocate the rooms out then they generally do a good job. All of my flatmates are awesome, but then we're all blokes so that did take a while to get the social barriers down. Its little things you can do yourself I found that really helps get people interacting. Keeping your room door open unless you want privacy is a major thing and just biting the bullet and hanging out in the communal areas etc. I'm a pretty shy person myself so it took me quite a while. Good luck with your studies too and wherever you end up staying. I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time! :-)
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    Liam, please only comment on the places you stayed, u cant tar every unite property with the same brush, i stayed at concept place and sky plaza leeds and both have great staff and security. The fact you have beef with the contract, leads me to believe you didnt read it. also why should unite have to suffer the consequences of having an unsold room because YOU dropped out of university? You should read everything before you sign anything, if you dont then YOUR at fault. Not the company. im due to stay at sky plaza again this year and would reccommend this place to anyone who asked! It is slightly expensive but where isnt now for us students?!!!
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