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Movember Thread

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    Anyone else going to do Movember this year?? It's the first time I've tried it, and I'll try to start raising money as much as I can.
    Also, I was hoping I could get some help. I've been able to grow a beard since I was 16, but I've never really had much moustache grooming experience, could someone please give me some tips?? Thanks!

    Feel free to post your photos of you and your progress in growing one/your fully fledged stache

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    I've thought about it, but my own version would take about 3 months to look like picture #1.

    I call it 'refugee chic', but it's also know as '14yr old's facial hair'. So I'm not going to.
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    (Original post by Drewski)
    I've thought about it, but my own version would take about 3 months to look like picture #1.

    I call it 'refugee chic', but it's also know as '14yr old's facial hair'. So I'm not going to.
    Lol. It takes me about 2 weeks to grow a full beard, I guess I just trim the rest off??
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    I can't grow a moustache (being a girl) but i'll wear my moustache shaped necklace in support :P
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    There are 6 of us in the TSR offices taking part in Movember this year; myself, J, P, GN, PK and GA have committed to growing a tache for charity. We think it's a great cause and fun way to raise awareness and money for charity so if anyone else wants to join our TSR Movember team feel free to do so https://www.movember.com/uk/register...team_id/290822
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    i can have a full beard in about a week, im going to wear a tash or tash with goatee but since i work on weekends and we have to be clean shaven im not sure if ill be able to keep up with it :/
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    Gonna take part in this for first time this year, quite looking forward to it

    Donations welcome! http://mobro.co/mcnubn
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    I'll be taking part as well with my college. Looking forward to the end product.
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    yeah i am looking forward to this, hope it will grow quick enough
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    I usually like to grow a beard first then shave around it


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Updated: November 5, 2011
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