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Who has offers/interviews from York yet?

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    (Original post by chelecee)
    Don't think so I think I'm being interviewed because I'm doing joint honours English and history. I know someone on my course got an offer for another course without interview
    Ooh that's a relief! Didn't think that my friend who got an offer last year did, I suddenly got worried it was introduced this year or something! Best of luck in your interview, it'd be cool to see you there next year!

    Sounds like both departments are making final decisions now though, so hopefully I'll know by the end of January. Let me know how your interview goes!
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    Got an interview to study social work
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    Got an offer today for English Lit (AAA)!
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    (Original post by Legendary-A-Sonic)
    Got an offer today for English Lit (AAA)!
    Me too! Is it your firm choice?
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    I've got an offer for history
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    I got a Conditional Offer for Archaeology (Firmed) and Historical Archaeology (Insurance). All the Condition is, is to show them my BTEC Certificate


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