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TSR Moderation team changes thread

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    Sad news as Diety has left the D&CA mod team. We thank him for all his efforts!

    In happier news, shadowdweller and minimarshmallow have had their tools extended across all of D&CA. Well done guys! :grin:
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    Sad to announce that Eloades11 has stepped down as a Study Help moderator. Thank you for all your hard work!
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    Sad to announce that Champagne Supernova has stepped down as section leader for Debate & Current Affairs. Thank you for all your amazing work!
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    Potally_Tissed has also decided to complete his modding on his 3rd modiversary which is today!

    You have been awesome, you are the King of Stats! Thank you for all your support with uni's, PS help and of course study help - we will miss you.

    Keep in touch & best of luck with everything
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    Mad Vlad

    too has decided to step down after five monumental years of modding on the team.

    Thank you Mad Vlad and Potally_Tissed for everything you have done for everyone. You've been absolutely amazing for TSR.
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    Becca-Sarah has completed her modding days today

    We will miss really Becca, so much knowledge and expertise in medicine and UCAS, super friendly and a love of G&T

    Thank you for everything
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    Penguinsaysquack has also decided to complete his modding days as a uni mod!

    Thanks alot for everything dude! It's been a pleasure
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    Hi all,
    Just to let you know that Emaemmaemily is stepping down from modding to focus on her amazing business!
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    Hi everyone,
    Just to announce that after three years as a mod, rockrunride is stepping down.
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    Lots of exciting section leader changes

    Greeneyedgirl has moved across from Life & Style to lead Hobbies and Interests

    lyrical_lie will be moving up into the role of section leader to replace greeneyedgirl!

    LadySmythe will be moving across from TSR Community to work with Hype en Ecosse in Study Help.

    Our applications and UCAS guru Minerva has stepped up to become the universities section leader.

    We're also looking for new mods to join a number of our sections - if you're interested please post your application here

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    ^ Just to be aware you have to be 18+ to apply (DBS checks)
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    I'm excited to announce that Reluire will be joining the D&CA moderation team from today!!!
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    Happy Friday everyone!!!

    I'm thrilled to announce that we have a whole load of new additions to the mod team!
    Lyrical Prodigy will be joining the football mod team!!!
    mikeyd85 will be joining the tech mod team!!!
    Angry cucumber will be joining the fitness mod team!!!

    Please join me in congratulating and welcoming our new additions to the team!
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    I'm sad to announce that Peachz has decided to step down as a moderator. Thank you so much for all your hard work!
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    I'm happy to announce that we have some new arrivals to the mod team!

    MrDystopia will be joining the TSR Community team as a Chat mod!!!!!

    furryface12 will be joining the Life & Style team as a Mental Health mod!!!!

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    Coke Or Pepsi has decided to step down as a mod, thanks for all the amazing work!
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    I'm happy to announce that Lucilou101 will be joining the team moderating in Oxbridge! :woo:
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    I am very happy to announce that getfunky! will be joining the D&CA mod team as a Religion specialist!!!

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    Roving Fish is joining the team in University Life! :woo:
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    Pleased to announce that SlowlorisIncognito has joined the team in Universities! :woo:
Updated: January 20, 2015
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