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TSR Support Team changes thread

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    I'm glad to announce that Gingerbread101 has joined TSR Community with a focus on The Welcome Lounge development
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    (Original post by Slowbro93)
    I'm glad to announce that Gingerbread101 has joined TSR Community with a focus on The Welcome Lounge development
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    Happy to say that in addition to helping out with Community, Black Rose has been extended to Study Help.
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    I am super happy to announce that we have some lovely addition to the D&CA team!

    thehistorybore will be joining us in History and UK Politics

    Adam9317 will be joining us in UK Politics and MEU

    Airmed will be joining us in History

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    Really great to announce that Angry cucumber has had his permissions extended to Vet Med in the University Course forums!

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    Just to announce that OU Student has now become Tiger Rag!!!
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    Very sorry to report that Zottula has stepped down from the team after more than two and a half years - thanks for your contribution!
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    Hey everyone!

    Just to say that our new Careers mod PrincePieMan has joined the team! He will have a specialism in Investment Banking
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    I'm thrilled to announce that Nirgilis is now the Section Leader for Hobbies & Interests!!!
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    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick note to say that unfortunately two of our Support Team members Schliegg and Feraligatr have now left the team - thank you for all that you have done.
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    I'm sad to say that Stiff Little Fingers has stepped down from the Community Support Team, but he'll still be a part of H&I and D&CA
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    Excited to announce that Little Tail Chaser has joined the unis support team! They'll be looking after Veterinary Medicine and sciences.
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    Going for a combo!

    Excited to announce that SeanFM has joined the unis support team! Sean will be looking after University life and its subfora. :woo:
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    Happy to announce that happyinthehaze will be joining the careers team with a specialism in Law and Media
Updated: February 3, 2016
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