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How I survive being the yongest student on my course and living at home

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    I know it's quite late to be starting a freshers blog but hey, better late than never ey?

    Well I'm 17 and living at home in arbroath whilst at uni in dundee. Its an hour commute including the walk across town from my house to the train station but I quite like the early morning walk. Gives me a chance to wake-up, listen to some uplifting music on my ipod and text the friends whos alarm clocks are somewhat unreliable.

    Only thing is, everyone assumes you have your parents around to do everything? Not in my house. My parents are divorced, so its me, my mum and my very dependant little sister. Mum works late shifts, so after a long day at uni, I pick up the shpping on my way home, cook for me and my sister, help said sister with homwork and then walk our 3 year old labrador before finally setting down to do all the work I have. And yes, I have to do all my own washing. Easier to live in halls right? Well for some mad reason I still love my family and like to be around them. I like my little routine. And I don't have fire drills every morning like my friends living in halls. And no one touches my food

    As for being the youngest, I'm not a huge partier. I've been out twice since I started uni, but thats plenty for me. Sure I love a good party, but I like sleep more. I struggle to stay awake in a 9am lecture after 7-8 hours sleep, forget after stumbling in at 3am and having a pounding headache.

    So thats me. I'll explain more about my course later but I have a workshop in half an hour and I need some sugar before that haha
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Updated: November 8, 2011
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