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Romeo and Juliet Essay conclusion help please

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    I have nearly finished an essay on the theme of conflict in Romeo and Juliet and two other poems. I've just got the conclusion left to do and am not sure what to include.. my conclusions are usually weak and bring my grade down so what should I include in my conclusion?

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    Nothing new. A conclusion should merely be a drawing together of your ideas.
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    Hm my essay is 13 pages long and so I'm not sure what to say to conclude all of it. :/
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    (Original post by Lauraa96)
    Hm my essay is 13 pages long and so I'm not sure what to say to conclude all of it. :/
    Is this for GCSE? Sounds a bit over long. Go through it with a pencil and write a key word in the margin at the side of each paragraph summing up what the point of that paragraph is. Then look at the progression of your argument through these key words and use that to fill your conclusion. I'm willing to bet you've repeated yourself a few times, so you can use this as a guide to show you what to take out, as well. If you can't easily sum up what the point of the paragraph is, it's a sign that it needs rewriting.
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    13 pages :lolwut:
    That's, like, 6000+ words, no?
    Don't start it with 'in conclusion' or any similar phrases, but a make it a concise summation of everything you've said and how it backs up the question in hand.
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    Yeah it's for GCSE but it's controlled assessment and not coursework ://
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    (Original post by Lauraa96)
    Yeah it's for GCSE but it's controlled assessment and not coursework ://
    If it's AQA, the controlled assessment doesn't need to be 13 pages, and it's not advisable either. I'm an English teacher. We had a guy from the board in for a training day last week and he said quite clearly that you can harm your essay by writing too much, because it loses focus and starts rambling. Better to spend the time writing a concise, focused and carefully planned essay. Do what I suggested above and cut out the waffle, then wrap it up with no new material.
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    Oh dear.. It's already written..
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    (Original post by Lauraa96)
    Oh dear.. It's already written..
    Well, not all of it if you're still doing the conclusion. If you have the time, go back and cross out the unnecessary bits. If not, well, it might be fine. No one on here can tell without seeing. Just don't add to it with a long conclusion.
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    Trim it down, definitely. As for the conclusion, take a good look at the question you were set and summarise the rest of your essay to produce one clear statement in answer to the question.
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    I will be honest that's not helpful for me now but thanks any way
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