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You know you're a student when...

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Could 16-year-olds have swung the referendum the other way? 23-06-2016
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    When you stay up on TSR late at night because your house hasn't turned the central heating on at night - and you just don't want to strip and climb into your freezing cold bed..

    edit: Sadly, 4 years later, this is still relevant.
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    - you live off soup for several weeks because you can't be bothered cooking 'real' food.
    - you start to clean and tidy every inch of your room and willingly do every chore you could possibly think of... just so you don't have to study/work on assignments/etc.
    - you have a sick bucket next to your bed, just in case.
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    You attend a University.
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    (Original post by RP-MRU.)
    too right he won't be seeing me tomorrow either i'm so gonna fail chem

    (Original post by buchanan700)
    These are great, keep them coming guys

    - when you don't recognise the strange stain on your wall and you don't want to know...

    - when you call your mum for the millionth time asking how to make cheese sauce... :P
    When you call your mom asking to put £5.50 into your account cause then with the £4.50 you have you can withdraw £10...(true story)
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    When you go to sleep at 5:30am and are up at 7, then sleep during the day
    You wake up with strange bruises, strange phone numbers in ur contacts and wake up in a random house
    You are used to watching a broken tv
    "Cleanliness" is simply out of sight, out of mind
    Music is on constantly
    You argue with parents about the taste of alcohols (whoops)
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    You have insomnia/have become nocturnal
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    When you spend more money on fancy dress than on actual clothes
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    (Original post by ArcadiaHouse)
    No way! I hate Domino's though ... Too doughy
    However it's really expensive, even with vouchers...cooking (or at least trying to cook) your own food is much better value
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    you live off starbucks..
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    You're cooking eggs in a microwave :yep:
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    When Jeremy Kyle dominates revision time.
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    (Original post by jameswhughes)
    However it's really expensive, even with vouchers...cooking (or at least trying to cook) your own food is much better value
    But that involves.....Effort

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    (Original post by IWantSomeMushu)
    You attend a University.
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    when your house is such a tip that plants and weeds are growing your kitchen from the back door being left open all the time (true story)
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    (Original post by buchanan700)
    You throw out a plate because you can't be bothered to wash it.

    Cold pasta with dodgy cheese is ****ing delicious!

    You find yourself agonising over whether to fork out the £2 for some lunch.

    Carry on? When was your "I am definately a student" moment?

    Who the hell does that?
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    (Original post by The_Lonely_Goatherd)
    You're cooking eggs in a microwave :yep:
    :rofl: can u do that?
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    when your cocopops are tesco value own brand along with pretty much all your food cupboard...
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    (Original post by hasan4life)
    :rofl: can u do that?
    :yep: We spent our first year at Oxford cooking like that, me and my housemates :yep:
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    (Original post by hasan4life)
    :rofl: can u do that?

    Oh yeah. Microwave egg poacher @ argos. :awesome:
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    (Original post by chronic_fatigue)
    Who the hell does that?
    You've never had a similar experience to any of these? Still live with the 'rents?

    Seriously man, apparently lots of people have similiar experiences


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