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Weird Things Your Pets Do

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    My kitten's just spent the last 10 minutes putting the lid of a 2 litre bottle in a cardboard box, fishing it back out, putting it back in etc. etc.
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    My cat has learned to let herself in the back door...
    She flings herself just above the handle then drops down so her body weight pushes the handle down.
    When the back door is locked though, its amusing to see her white tummy pressed against the glass while she bounces up and down on the door handle trying to open it XD
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    My cat Lulu got a chicken nugget bag stuck on her head once 0.o
    She also has an obsession with licking people's hands.
    She also clonks my other cat on the head.
    She also never sleeps like a normal cat, I always find her asleep on her back with all four arms outstretched :')
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    My dog likes to pee on people, and absolutely HATES the dishwasher. But she can do high 5s so I don't mind
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    My hamster used to have a rota stack cage, and he somehow found a way of opening his bedroom compartment, sneak out at night to wander the house, and return to his cage in the morning with the top off to his bed. Sometimes he got trapped in some weird places, we found him in under the cooker, and he somehow fell into an open jar in the conservatory once. He escaped one night though, and fell off the mantelpiece, broke his back and had to be put down, poor Jasper

    My dad hoovers my dog, srsly :teehee:
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    (Original post by imy7)
    My dog likes to pee on people
    My dog has weed on me twice. He also has the dirty habit of silent and smelly farts. My other dog likes to sit on the arm of the sofa.
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    (Original post by OU Student)
    My dog has weed on me twice. He also has the dirty habit of silent and smelly farts.
    ah yes. silent but deadly.
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    My goldfish goes in a mood if you give it the flake food rather than the stick food. It hides behind its castle and won't eat anything for a couple of days until you've got the right food.
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    (Original post by imy7)
    ah yes. silent but deadly.
    He then gets stroppy when I dare to move him.
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    My dog sits at the top of the stairs with a tennis ball, nudges it with her nose so it falls down the stairs, chases after it, grabs it at the bottom, climbs back up the stairs and repeats the whole process again xD It's quite amusing to see :P She sometimes fights with herself too, flings herself across the carpet xD
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    My cat has too many...
    She likes to watch people when she pees in her litterbox. Literally. She just sort of half closes her eyes and stares at you. And she does this a lot when we're in the middle of cooking for some reason.
    She licks the edges of her kitten bed, I'm not even sure why. We got her it when she was small, and she's just grown into the habit of almost eating it every time she goes to sleep on it.
    Because she has a seriously unhealthy obsession with bottlecaps, she hides them all over the house and gets almost stroppy when you try to clean them. My mum binned about five the other day, and the cat walked over to where they used to be, yowled and then ran into all the other rooms crying because she couldn't find them...
    There's loads more, but I probably can't list them all. xD
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    One of my cats is basically a social reject. She never attempts to catch things, which I suppose is good but one time, when the next door neighbours were having a BBQ, she ehem "caught" one of their jacket potatos and strolled proudly into the house through the catflap and presented it to us :lolwut:

    As she's gotten older, she's slowly decided that she's going to be a house cat. She literally only goes out on the hot days. What's kind of weird is that she's good with weather in that, even if you're expecting a cold day, if she goes out in the morning you know it's going to be warm later.

    Linking to this, when she does decide to go outside she will ask to come back inside to use her litter tray instead of doing it out there which I find slightly strange.

    She also has this strange thing of jumping off the sofa, walking to the other one and jumping on instead of simply jumping from one to the other (they're quite close together)

    and finally (for now) she kind of baa's like a sheep when she miows :mmm:
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    My cat eats my hair. Like, actually eats it. I have no idea how or why, but she does. Normally when I'm asleep so I can't stop her...
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    We buy our hamster sticks like these. He strips all the seeds off it and puts them in his bowl for later and just leaves the wooden stick hanging.
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    My dog just showed his bum to dad when he was getting told off.
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    My cat likes sitting/sleeping in weird places:

    - Washing basket
    - On fridge
    - On my shoes
    - In sink! :lolwut:
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    Both my cats stomp their feet on jumpers/fleecy blankets...they just do it for ages, purring away. So wierd.
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    My Mum's cat likes his backside slapped. He'll force himself under your arm and headbutt you until you start smacking him!Kind of like this:http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37Mb1d9Nu5M
    He purrs like crazy for it!
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    (Original post by Smoosh)
    My kitten likes sitting in boxes, even if they're too small for him. We actually kept a big cardboard box and put a blanket in it for him, and sometimes he'll sleep in it. But yesterday I got a package in the post and he insisted on spending the rest of the night sitting in a tiny far too small for him box.

    He'll also sit on the tv stand with his face right up next to the screen and tilt his head lots to watch the tv

    He likes being carried round on his back, a bit like a baby, and squeaks when he wants to get down.

    Whenever someone's in the bath he'll sit on the edge and splash his paws round in the water (usually splashes me in the face :dry:).

    Every morning he'll get into bed with my and my boyfriend for cuddles, he jumps on the bed purring and then lays down under the duvet with his head poking out the top and starts padding (normally on my tummy :pinch:)
    They're pretty normal things cats do :P except maybe being carried on his back, although cats are quite weird anyway.

    Mine does the usual cat stuff but also makes these really crazy noises that i've never heard other cats do think it's calling trilling, kind of like she's purring for a moment but out loud, i can't really explain. Anyway, she does it when she's happy or when you touch her unexpectedly so i always sneak up on her and cuddle her while she's sleeping because then she makes that adorable noise. Oh and if I'm not paying attention to her when she wants to play she'll start rolling around on her back, with paws curled in and start making that noise at me too lol. Works every time.

    She also wont eat cat food so we have to mix in our leftover for dinner with her cat food before she even dares to touch it.. She really likes cheese and roasted poultry.

    When she was younger she used to bring me socks and knickers as prey but it seems she's grown out of it shame because it was really funny..
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    My ragdoll cat acts like a dog he runs after balls, sits when you tell him to, knows his name, rolls on his belly to be stroked and sleeps in the washing basket and eats like a pig


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