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Is 25 too old to enjoy University to it's fullest? E.g. Social life, societies etc

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    (Original post by vVShabbaVv)
    I guess if you easily feel patronised, then it will be so.

    I understand your point of view though, it must seem weird for the 18 year olds who have only up till that point have mainly experienced an academic setting. Once out of that academic setting there is much less of that divide that seems to appear between the ages. The view that it is weird for over 30's to be at uni will change in yourself. Those old creepy grandads are in so much more comfortable with themselves, they are great crack. Ironically this is why they seem so much younger.

    I'm not trying to be harsh but it's perfectly acceptable and entirely appropriate for any person of any age to continue learning.
    Sorry, who are you? I quoted Vicstress...

    Anywho, it isn't that its weird in terms of "oh wow, that person is... older" :O, and I think you've completely misunderstood my point, I never said it was unacceptable or inappropriate for mature students to exist - especially since I wrote:

    "Now don't get me wrong, there are plenty of mature students at my uni that I get on with, and before I'm shot down in flames, I'm in no way saying they should be alienated or anything like that - quite the opposite." Right after explaining I was only talking about the social side...

    Its more when it comes to going out. As you get older you have different tastes, you do different things. The example I was talking about was when you go out clubbing or whatever - certainly at my uni, the vast majority of people in the clubs are students for a reason. The type of things my friends and I talk about when we're out just isn't suitable or relevant for someone 15 years older than us that's all, its not unfair to say that there is a divide when it comes to socialising as you get older.

    Anyway, I'll stress again that I absolutely in no way have a problem with mature students, and again say that I get on fine with the ones I've met on my course. If anything, they can be more interesting to talk to than a 'normal' student since most of the time they've already seen the world and have come back to education for a good reason.
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    as long as your out going and fun no -one should give a f*k!
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    My tolerance for little girls with attitude is very thin or non-existant for me these days and I do get bored of going out unless I am in the mood for being random.

    Bagged a fair few young-uns though!
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    (Original post by TheEnigmaUK)
    I am planning to study an access course next year in Social studies and then go onto Uni, but I'm currently 23 years old and once the access course is completed I'll be 25 years old, and that will be the same age I'll start Uni. I am still social now and I enjoy partying, drinking (sometimes), and doing different activities, but am I going to be too old to join in and have fun at Uni? I don't look old (good genes) so I would probably fit in with the younger people, but I'm just a little worried/curious about how it might be at University.

    Any advice?

    Firstly, you are never too old to get an education. Good for you for making the decision and trying to better yourself, you should take that as a positive.

    I am 33 and studying a degree in Computer Networking at Brighton Uni. I was wondering the very same thing as you were and I shouldn't have bothered worrying about it. I live with a house of five, myself included. Ages are 18, 19, 20, 24 and then me, 33. We have some lovely neighbours ageing between 19-23 and we all go out, socialise and get completely blotto'd together. People have often said that they don't see me as being the "old one" so by the time you get to uni, I don't think you are really going to have a problem. As for the societies, same again. I have been to a few and the age doesn't make any difference. I think it's more about how you carry yourself and mix in. Sometimes when I go to some of the clubs, I feel a bit out of place if I'm honest, but that's more about me than anything else. By the time you get to uni at 25, it'll be no biggy and you'll have a blast.

    I hope that helps.
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    been following this thread with interest, mainly for the attitudes of respondents. would agree that your attitude makes the difference and personally, i don't think a guy of 25 should have anyfinks to worry about

    having had this convo with two close friends lately, it's funny how fast i'm about to ditch my own advice regards 'personal attitude' lol - cos i got visions of being/feeling completely out of synch with anyone that's a youngling and spending all my time hiding with my books. now hopefully, the course i'm applying for should have more of us oldies anyways but still, i have these dread visions of losing my SOH cos some of the kids around me may turn out to be vacuous n immature etcetc.

    to my mind, is one thing to study together but another thing entirely to socialise with em. generally speaking, would imagine it's easier for the guys that are older but would suggest is gonna be harder for the women.

    must confess, never mind the dread of seeing 5 rejections thru ucas, i ALSO live in fear of getting to uni n feeling completely isolated!
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    After just finishing my first term and being given the award for most hedonistic lifestyle at the age of 25, and still managing decent grades, I would say that the younger students are at a slight disadvantage as they have yet to learn how to balance partying and work.
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    I'll be 30 in Febuary, just finished my first semester.
    Had a cracking time in all honesty. If your friendly, open and most importantly, talk down to the 18 year olds, you'll be fine. My age has never been an issue once.

    As for the whole, "Is it right to date an 18 year old" debate, it very much depends on the people involved. There's 18 year olds on my course I wouldn't just to sharpen a pencil whilst there's others who've really got their lives in order. It's not my place to judge people, especially on something so arbitary as age
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    (Original post by Aspiringlawstudent)
    Why not just become a bricklayer then?
    f'ing lol, this kid clearly isn't having a good time in university - relates happiness to what is implied as a simple job.

    fyi, my dad is a bricklayer/builder and earns more than you ever will.
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    Ignore him mate he is a wannabe snob who will end up being one of them cheap lawyers you get for free when you get locked up. What a guy!
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    OK, sensible reply now!

    I'm sure that I'll go out for drinks now and again with some of my course mates but essentially I'm in a relationship and have done all the partying etc....I'm giving up a lot to study so will probably be quite focussed in suceeding....also, when you get to 34 it's not easy to get up with a hangover anymore!

    Good luck to you all - I'm sure that old or young uni will have us all out of our comfort zones!
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    I'm always amazed when people in their 20s worry about being too old for uni. For goodness sake, think positive! I'm doing a full-time PhD in my late 50s, I'm an active member of one union society (which takes care of at least one day a weekend), I socialise with younger colleagues (from time to time, I realise they wouldn't want to hang out 24/7 with someone nearly three times their age), and I was clubbing till 3.00 am a couple of weeks ago, 'cos I was asked. In short, I'm having a cracking time. It sure as hell beats working...
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    Nobdy can judge for you. It all depends on yourself.
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    I'm 25 and planning to go to uni for the 2nd time, went a year late and was 19 the first time. I came out with a good degree, but don't think I was honestly ready to that independent and really enjoy myself - all I wanted to do was come home. I feel like this time I will be. Age really makes no difference to how you feel in your head, if you're up for partying and having a good time, nothing is going to change in the space of two years. Do you think once you hit your mid-twenties you suddenly become old and boring? I can understand your worries though as this will be your first time and you're worried everyone will be be loads younger than you, but if they are decent people and the kind you would want to be friends with then they shouldn't treat you any different because of your age. If you would prefer to hang around with people your own age/older there'll be plenty of those too. Uni isn't just for 18yr olds now you know! Good luck x
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    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee this thread gets me so excited! I will be 26 when starting the course (Only just though ) and I fully intend to live student life to the max! Like some others have said, succeeding is the priority so my work will always come first.. I will be organised, and once it's out the way I will be out there with the best of them! I can't wait to meet fellow mature students to hopefully make some lifelong friends and to share good and stressful times with.. but on my college course, i've met an 18 year old who is one of the loveliest people I've ever met and probaby a friend for life! Stop stressing and embrace this wonderful time! We're going to university! YAY!
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    (Original post by Aspiringlawstudent)
    Why not just become a bricklayer then?
    ^ why did this get so many neg reps brick laying is a great job for socialising I'd do it if I wasn't so terrified of the gender stereotypes.
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    Drinking too much, attempting to dance and getting rejected by women isn't very fun anyway. Take up a sport or something and do that in your spare time - I'd say clubbing is a bit sad after about 21.
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    (Original post by Aspiringlawstudent)
    Why not just become a bricklayer then?
    I really hope you fail your law degree mate...

    Anyway OP age is just a number. There a plenty of mature students who have fun with the freshers.
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    (Original post by callum9999)
    Maybe for you. For normal people it isn't.
    "Normal people" are morons, for the most part. Universities don't exist for partying; they're educational institutions.
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    I would say that it will be a different experience than for 18 year olds, but to say you won't enjoy it is just nonsense. My sister started at 25 and has enjoyed it.
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    (Original post by Einheri)
    "Normal people" are morons, for the most part. Universities don't exist for partying; they're educational institutions.
    The first bit is largely true I guess - not that it changes anything.

    The second bit is rubbish. Their primary function is for education, their secondary function is definitely to provide a social life - and I'd say you fall into the "moron" category if you can't recognise that. There is a reason why universities focus on their student unions so heavily and build their student halls the way they do.

    Of course, you're free to ignore all that should you want to, but that doesn't change the fact that it is clearly there.


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