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Do you smile at strangers?

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    So I've been out on public transport a lot recently and like others I spend a lot of time staring at people. Do you ever smile at the person you sit opposite to on the tube for example? How about walking down the road?

    Sometimes when I'm in big cities (especially on the metro) I get a bit down: everyone seems cold, anonymous and unfriendly. It gets to me quite a bit. I kind of wish people could sit down and just talk to people or at least acknowledge one another. It's funny because literally any time I have engaged with anyone (e.g. asking for directions or help) they've always been accommodating and helpful.

    So do you smile at strangers? Would you find it creepy if someone engaged in a conversation with you?

    People in big cities need to be more friendly imo.
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    I don't smile at strangers, randomly when we arent talking or anything...that'd be strange.

    And nah it's not creepy if a stranger talked to me, dont bother me. I encourage it.
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    If I have to interact with them, like holding the door open, I will smile. Otherwise, I'll go about my business as they go about theirs.
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    I smile at whoever I make eye contact with; life is too short to be miserable
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    No, I try to find the people giving me a dirty look and give them one back, Usually instigating a argument.
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    Hell no.

    Smile at me and I'll shank you.
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    I give people a smile every time we make eye contact. It's fine in Britain, very few people don't smile back, but if you ever go to Russia, don't do it. People think you are laughing at them or if you smile at men they think you are flirting. In Russia smiles are reserved for friends and family.

    I also say hi to strangers sometimes, especially in quiet parks, on hiking trails and anyone my dog tries to engage with.
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    Only if they are old
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    (Original post by Charlotteeee<3)
    I smile at whoever I make eye contact with; life is too short to be miserable
    Same, they often smile back. I'm just a man sharing the love and peace!
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    (Original post by Charlotteeee<3)
    I smile at whoever I make eye contact with; life is too short to be miserable
    + rep
    I believe this too ^^
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    All the time
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    Yeah if they smile a me first.

    And then turn away and think in my head "what a weirdo".
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    I usually give people a little smile if they look my way.

    I hate it when people start talking to me though, especially on metro. I'm really not a fan of small talk in situations like that, where you can't get away without being rude, and you have to pretend you're interested and nod every so often. If I'm on my way to or home from work, there's nothing I want to do except sit there and zone out.
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    Yes, I smile, but only a little one. Most people return a small smile, although some moody gits don't.
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    Only if both of us make eye contact with each other...

    if theyre male its usually maybe follow up with a nod if theyre in my halls haha
    if theyre female its usually :cool:
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    I smile at everyone. Most people in London seem shocked but always smile back

    I do not do this when I am in the estates where I live (or other estates), there I screwface people for my own protection, true story :smug:
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    (Original post by Charlotteeee<3)
    I smile at whoever I make eye contact with; life is too short to be miserable
    This is me too. Completely agree.

    Although when I smile at people in London, I get a surprised face before a smile back.
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    i always smile at people, and i get really angry when you smile at someone and they don't smile back! miserable bastards! i wont strike up conversation first, but i dont mind a bit of small talk
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    Only when it's an awkward moment. Like when you and a stanger are walking in each others direction down a road and you go to walk on a side then you end up going on the same side then you eventually pass them and its obvious that they knew you messed up so you smile just to hide your embarassment. They usually don't smile back...well I live in a rough area so it's to be expected I guess :rolleyes:
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    I smile at people passing in the street, I have to admit it, I do love to smile at old people.
    The problem is, most people just keep their head down when they pass me. I mean I'd struggle to smile at one of the hoody wearing, tattoo loving, weed smoking chavs that surround me, but I'd still try. Plus the fact, I look nothing like the people who kind of scare me on the street. It's kind of sad really.


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