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Looking for Housemates 2012-2013 Newcastle Upon Tyne Area

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    Hey, I'm looking for people to live with next year and I've had no luck with people in my halls so decided to search on here.
    If you're in the same situation as me and are struggling to find people to live with next year please get in touch, I'm worried that its only me that can't find anyone!
    I'm a nursing student and would like to live in the Heaton / Jesmond area but anywhere near Newcastle will do to be honest.
    I'm a clean person, absolutely love going out although with doing nursing I don't get to go out that often! I'd class myself as a fun and happy person, but I'm not the biggest fan of mess I'm not going to lie!
    Please get in touch
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    City centre ?
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    Anywhere around Newcastle would suit.
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    Hey there, I'm in a similar situation atm. The group I had sorted has fallen through so I'm looking for people to live with currently. Preferably in Jesmond or city centre. What sort of price range where you thinking and with how many other people?
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    Hi, are you happy in the accommodation at present, or looking to change in January for the next semester and onward- we may have a room available from January onward in the centre (manors) it would be a 7 share flat, we may need someone to take over our daughter's room if she has to end her course due to ill health?
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    hey, is anyone still looking for people to share accommadation with in 2012/2013?
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    I am danny
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    @ mellissa, danny, james. Would u like to exchange numbers and get in touch..? View properties ?
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    I'll be starting Northumbria in September hopefully so I will need some flatmates.
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    Also in the same situation, house plans for next year fell through so looking for house/flat share.
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    Also in the same situation,but do u guys care living with a asian? if no,pls contact with me.
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    Hi guys. I am in the same situation, I have no one to live with,since my group felt through
    So if you're still looking for flatmates, please do keep in touch with me.
    I am looking for a house preferably in Jesmond.
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    Hey guys i'm in kind of the same position.
    I'm on a work placement this year so I'm looking for people to live with for my third year next Sept.
    Not really fussed about where I live, as long as it's near a metro
    So if anyones still looking for a housemate get in touch!
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    If anyone is still looking for a flat share for next year please drop me a message.
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    *facebook link removed due to privacy reasons, please PM the individual*

    Saves messaging everyone individually :')
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    I'm also in a similar situation, but I still might be moving in with a mate, but not sure if this will definitely happen.
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    im in desperate need for a flat for next academic year! message me if anyones got anything
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    There are three of us, three guys and one girl. We're first years looking for second year accommodation. We still haven't found a house so are looking for any extra housemates, preferably female (there are too many guys!). We've been looking at four to six bedroom houses for less than 80 a week. If you're interested get in touch!

    A bit about us: we love to socialise and usually end up sprawled around Newcastle every few nights. We are pretty clean and tidy and we do study as well! If this sounds good, you know what to do!

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    Threads like this make me **** myself at the though of lleaving home
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    I'm possibly in the same situation too!


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