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Do you know anyone who doesn't wash when they're on their period?

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    Thats a bit gross :-/ I'm also slightly surprised at the people on this thread who feel the need to shower 3 times a day during their period though. Periods aren't THAT filthy, seems a bit unnecessary... each to their own though I suppose
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    oh so that's where the smell comes from!
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    (Original post by chronic_fatigue)
    What do you expect? The blood will drip down the leg.
    I don't understand your excuse, when you have a shower and the blood goes down your leg just wash it off. I don't mean to sound rude, but I wonder why you can't wash it.
    (Original post by Botticello)
    The beauty of showers is that water washes other substances away :lolwut:

    Why do people not get this?! A shower cleans you. If blood drip's down...just clean it right off then and there! It doesn't require genius to understand this surely!

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    On Diwali, a close friend of the family whispered to me that she can't greet/ touch me due to being on her period. I said who cares, greeted her anyway. Then she was like oh ok lol
    I don't want to offend your culture/religion so apologise in advance if I do! But this is utterly bizarre :lolwut:. It must stem from the 'oldee' days when we didn't have washing facilities like now...the women would've most likely had dirty hands so touching other people/holy books would've literally been 'dirty'. But like the pork thing...we live in incredibly hygenic times. These previous rules are no longer necessary!

    Unless you are skanky girls who don't believe in washing when you are bleeding from your vagina, sweating and using le toilette. Ew.

    As for the showering thing, I don't shower more or less. Twice a day if I am leaving the house, or once if I have a rare day off (thus have an hour long bath/quick shower and veg all day ). I don't feel dirty on my period as I use a mooncup. I would suggest that ALL girls try these wonderous inventions! More hygenic than pads and damn comfier/more practical than tampons. Esspecially if 1)You love the water so swim a lot and 2) Travel, lugging a bergen full of tampons/pads is not ideal when you can lug a tiny little mooncup around!
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    (Original post by tibbles209)
    Thats a bit gross :-/ I'm also slightly surprised at the people on this thread who feel the need to shower 3 times a day during their period though. Periods aren't THAT filthy, seems a bit unnecessary... each to their own though I suppose
    Was going to say that. Three days a day is more than a bit excessive, especially if you are wearing tampons meaning the fluids won't have much contact with you. I normally just shower as I normally would - every second night, with a wash inbetween time if needed. Femfresh wips normally do the job
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    I'm a muslim but I always have a shower when I'm on my period but I know people who don't shower whilst on their period Also when I went to Pakistan everybody there told me off for showering when I was on my period because apparently you'll get a lot a pain when you're older. Needless to say I ignored them and carried on showering.
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    Well, I know a beautician and when she was doing someone's hollywood. She asked her customer when was the last time she had a shower, and the customer was like It's been 3 days. Obv my friend was disgusted and was like what ? the customer replied saying that she didnt feel the need to and then asked what about when your on your period ? My friend was like I wash everyday regardless and proberly more when I'm on and she then refused to wax her, until she had a shower/bath on the day of her wax. So it's not the first time I heard about a muslim girl not washing while on her periods...maybe its something some muslim girls do ...
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    Ew. I had a muslim friend who didn't shower for the first two days of her period because she was scared of looking at the blood :p: Think that was more to do with her rather than Islam though lol. Haha but everyone else I know showers! I shower every single day without fail whether or not I'm on my period!
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    you are chatting nonsence you know you could have just said a class mate without mentioning that they are muslim! I mean clearly you have something against muslims from my view, pointing out that she is a muslim! well you know what read the holy bookof muslims 'Quran' and you will find out that it is the most preached religion for cleanliness, so think before you ttpe something as such!

    Anyways i'm saying that, she has issues of her own and that it has Absolutely Nooo way nooo way noo way that islam is involved!!!!
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    Ridiculous OP. The girl you are talking about is an individual. Muslims are actually required to wash like 5 times a day and cleanliness is soo important in that religion. Don't know why mentioning her religion was necessary.
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    damn it i cant post these

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    I watched a documentary of a tribe who did that. Only because washing every day was out of the question since they lived in the middle of a desert. They went into isolation though

    Idk. I'm not going to say it's ****ing gross. But it's certainly unnecessary. And showers are just so good <3
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    What a load of bul****. Typical Hindu with a chip on your shoulder. DON'T DENY IT!!
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    What a stupid, ignorant woman
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    are you asking people in general? because I usually wash my hands when I go to the loo. When my sink doesn't work, I don't though, I just let it dry and dip my hand in sugar and pretend it's chocalate, sometimes I let my dog eat it too if he's hungry
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    So are muslims nasty?

    Does she drip when she walks?

    Questions I need answered

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    Well, that's another explanation as to why people smell.
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    That's disgusting, I've never heard of that before.

    Just reminds me of this girl I was talking to the other day. She mentioned how she showers only on a certain day of the week. I thought I'd misunderstood her at first, but then found out she actually only showers ONCE a week! Looking at her you would not be able to tell as she looks okay, now I can’t stop looking at her now and thinking, ugh.

    She’s atheist so I know it isn’t some religious thing, no idea why she would do that and then tell everyone about it.
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    I know people who don't have baths when on their periods (because the blood would sort of be in the water with you) but they definitely shower while menstruating. Each to their own, but that's not tremendously pleasant
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    Um, I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with her being a Muslim but more that she is just a rather unhygienic individual. I'm not entirely sure why you have focused on her religion as in later posts you have referred to her being unhygienic in other ways so surely this is just an extension of that rather than something intrinsically linked to religion.

    I don't shower the first day or two because mine's too heavy, I would never make it without plastering the walls. Sorry to be so visual.


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