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Imperial Offers 2012

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    Username: desy.kris
    Course: Mathematics and Computer Science
    IGCSEs: A*A*AB
    IB subjects / predictions: 776 at HL Maths Physics EnglishB, 776 at SL Chemistry Economics IndoA1
    Terms of offer: IB 41 with 775 at Maths Physics English respectively
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    Courselectrical & Electronic Engineering with management
    GCSEs (or equivalent):I am a Chinese student, so I only got result of Huikao. It's all As, except PE. However, the interviewer seems not that convinced by these scores~~
    AS subjects / grades:Maths(498/500) Physics(296/300) Economics(168/200)
    A Level subjects / predictions:Maths A*, Physics A*, Further Maths A*, Economics A
    Terms of offer: A*s in Maths, Physics & Further Maths

    I didn't do well in the interview, so I think it's a reasonable offer. Actually, I did expect a rejection.
    But IC does not require anything for my Econ, really 万幸(喜悦的心情同胞 勉~~~)
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    (Original post by KathC)
    Username: KathC
    Course: Electrical & Electronic Engineering
    Offer: A*A*(in Physics and Further Maths)But I have already got an A* in Maths!
    So literally the requirement becomes A*A*A*!!!!!!which is so so so mean
    Why it is like that? Is that a gentle rejection? Or it's just because too many EEE applicants this year? Anyone else has got an EEE offer? What's your requirement?
    Please please tell me .....thx!!!!
    Well I got an offer for Imperial for EEE for AAA (Maths & Physics and any 1 from Electronics/Computing) When did you have your Interview?
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    Username: shrewdsloth
    Course: Biological Sciences
    GCSEs: International applicant
    AS Subjects/grades: Doing IB, Predicted score unavailable to students
    Terms of Offer: 38 in IB, 66 in Biology HL Chemistry HL 5 in English A1 SL
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    Username: Hudzy
    Course: Physics with Theoretical Physics

    GCSEs (or equivalent): A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A A c

    AS subjects / grades: Mathematics A, Physics A, Chemistry A

    A Level subjects / predictions:
    -Mathematics A* (achieved)
    -Further Mathematics A* (predicted)
    -Physics A* (predicted)
    -Chemistry A* (predicted)

    Terms of offer: A* in Mathematics, AAA in Physics, Chemistry and Further Mathematics
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    Username: mike93l
    Course: msci physics
    GCSEs (or equivalent): 9a* 1a
    AS subjects / grades: maths a2 a*, chem a, physics a, history a
    A Level subjects / predictions: fm a*, chem a*, physics a*
    Terms of offer: a*(maths)aaa
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    Username: Cassism
    Course: Chemistry with Research Abroad
    GCSEs (Or Equivalent): 4A* 6(and a half :P)A's
    AS Subjects/Grades: Chem, Bio, Maths A Physics B (Resit made it an A! )
    A Level Subjects/Predictions: Maths - A* Chemistry - A Physics - A
    Terms of offer: AAA

    Really happy considering I didn't think my interview went particularly well!
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    Username: eater_of_pies
    Course: MEng Computing
    GCSEs (or equivalent): 5 A* 6 A
    AS subjects / grades: Maths, Physics, Computing - A IT - B Further Maths - ?
    A Level subjects / predictions: Maths, Further Maths - A Physics, Computing - A*
    Terms of offer: Maths - A* Physics, Computing, Further Maths - AAA

    Oh and we have to do general studies of which I managed B at AS

    I really wasn't sure how the interview went - was so happy!
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    Hey I have private messaged you
    apprecitate if u can help me
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    Application sent: 01/10/11
    Uni: Imperial
    Course: Civil engineering
    Decision: Conditional
    Offer grade: A*A including Physics
    Date offer received: 12/12/11
    Reaction: Simply ecstatic
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    Username: fluteflute
    Course: Computing
    GCSEs: 9.5A*, 1.5A
    A2 subjects: Maths (A*), Further Maths (A*), Computing (A* predicted), Physics (A* predicted)
    AS subjects: Music (A), Politics (A), Additional Further Maths (A predicted), EPQ (??)

    Terms of offer: A*A*AAa (Maths, Further Maths, Computing, Physics, Additional Further Maths)
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    Username: byfieldp12
    Course: Physics with Theoretical (4 year)
    GCSEs (or equivalent): 7A*, 3A ,1B
    AS subjects / grades: Math, FM, Chem, Phys, Music - AAAAA
    A Level subjects / predictions: Math, FM, Chem, Phys - A*A*A*A*
    Terms of offer: A*AAA
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    Username: Naum
    Course: Physics 4 year MSCi
    GCSEs (or equivalent): 7A*s 4As
    AS subjects / grades: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Applied ICT and EPQ
    A Level subjects / predictions: Maths - A*, Further Maths - A, Physics - A*, Applied ICT - A, EPQ - A*
    Terms of offer: Maths - A*, rest AAA

    A*AAA offer

    I applied for straight physics, although I may be tempted to switch to theoretical physics (having not explored that option fully).
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    Anyone got offer for Biomed Science ?
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    (Original post by Kista)
    Anyone got offer for Biomed Science ?
    No I am also waiting ... seems nobody got offer from both medicine and biomed sciences yet...
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    (Original post by Peter91)
    Thanks, you too

    What date was your interview? :P

    16/11 :P it was a good interview, much chemistry geekiness was displayed in a very large dose XD
    I may have seen you at the interview then.
    Very very VERY stupid question, but what were you wearing? i want to see if I can recall ANYTHING from that day xD
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    (Original post by muzjiks92)
    Application sent: 01/10/11
    Uni: Imperial
    Course: Civil engineering
    Decision: Conditional
    Offer grade: A*A including Physics
    Date offer received: 12/12/11
    Reaction: Simply ecstatic
    what? your offer is based on two subjects?!
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    Username: TheDannyManCan
    Course: Biochemistry with German 4 years MSci
    GCSEs (or equivalent): 2A* 5A 5B
    AS subjects / grades: Maths, Physics, English Lit, German, 4 As
    A Level subjects / predictions: Maths - A*(achieved), German - A*(achieved), Physics - A(achieved), Biology - A, Chemistry - A*, EPQ - A*
    Terms of offer: AA in Biology and Chemistry

    Strictly speaking this was my plan B for medicine but I am overjoyed as it is a plan B I'm very happy with! Well done the rest of you
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    (Original post by Thasneemy)
    what? your offer is based on two subjects?!
    Yeah, I've done my maths and got A*
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    Course: MEng Chemical Engineering (4 years)
    GCSEs (or equivalent): 2 A*s, 8 As
    AS subjects / grades: Maths A, Further Maths A, Physics A, Chemistry B.
    A Level subjects / predictions: Maths A*, Further Maths A, Physics A*, Chemistry A.
    Terms of offer: A*A*AA, A*s in Maths, and either Chemistry or Physics.

    Mixed reactions about the offer, I was expecting A*AAA, with doing 4 subjects. But nevertheless ecstatic that I received an offer.
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