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How long does a provisional licence take to come through?

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    I have just sent off for a provisional but a mate of mine said it took 5 weeks for it to get sent to him. This was a few years ago though so I hope things have sped up a bit since then.

    How long did yours take to come (if you can remember)?
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    Mine was over a year ago, but as far as I can remember it was much less than five weeks -- in fact, I'd say it took less than two weeks to arrive.
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    i sent my form off two days before i cud get it (3month before 17) so i sent it 23rd August and it was on my doormat by the time i got abck from amsterdam on 1st september in time for school lol so thats what 9days lol
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    Cheers guys, that sounds more like what i was expecting. hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.
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    i sent mine off during a free period at school on a fri, and on the following thurs it arrived

    so i was lucky
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    It takes 2 - 3 weeks
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    i have sent off mine last week, du think it will come within the next week and a half?
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    (Original post by bb0721)
    i have sent off mine last week, du think it will come within the next week and a half?
    That will mean two and a half weeks yeah? So it should do, depending on whether there's anything wrong with your application/postal strikes.
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    thanks I know there is a postal strike in london, but I live in hertfordshire, so I don't think it will need to go through london to get to swansea dunnno though.
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    I hope mine comes trhough soon i mean lol
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    Mine took 2 weeks.
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    ahh thats alright lets hope mine takes that long too or sooner
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    mine took about a week
    surprisingly quick actually
    it should come in that time
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    nice, another question my passport expires 13th oct, can i still use it this weekend to get into clubs? i mean it's still going to be valid!
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    (Original post by bb0721)
    nice, another question my passport expires 13th oct, can i still use it this weekend to get into clubs? i mean it's still going to be valid!
    Yup you can this weekend
    I used my expired passport to get in places, I still looked like the picture so it wasn't too big of a deal just can't rely on it
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    ahh good well i am glad for this weekend and hopefully my provisional shall come sooon!!!
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    my provisional came through today!
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    i have sent my provisional off and a week and a half later got my forms bk saying i missed a question so i resent it the same day it came through the post, when do you think it should be here i sent it bk off last thursday... any day?
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    Think mine took a week, and when I passed my test I passed on the 19th of March, and by the 23rd I had my proper licence.

    They aren't too bad, to be honest. 5 Weeks sounds like they had a problem with his application.
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    My provisional license came through in less than a week. It was my second one though. I think the first may have taken 2 weeks or so


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