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Whos applied for an Engineering Foundation Year?

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    The engineering modules at Loughborough are very different to stuff you did at A-level.

    (Original post by Oh my Ms. Coffey)
    The engineering modules at Loughborough are very different to stuff you did at A-level.
    can you explain this more?
    how are they different?

    (Original post by ReTurd)
    can you explain this more?
    how are they different?
    Heres the module descriptions.

    Engineering Science: Applied Mechanics
    Introduction to Dynamics and Statics, The relationship between displacement, velocity and acceleration. Work Power and Energy.
    Concepts of Stress and Strain: Bolted joints, Simple theory of beams (SF and BM), frameworks.
    Torsion: Torque and moments. Simple theory of torsion. Twisting forces in shafts.

    Engineering Science: Energy and Power
    Thermodynamic cycles and the Internal Combustion Engine
    Electricity generation and Electric motors
    Introduction to mechanical power transmission, levers, shafts, gears, belts and hydraulic multiplication.
    Aircraft, Thrust lift and drag.
    Introduction to feedback control.

    Applied to:


    I'll probably go on to do mechanical engineering afterwards.

    Had an offer for foundation year engineering at UWE exciting ****! i LOVE bristol

    anyone apply for QMUL?

    Really confused about their requirements or EEE.

    One page says one thing, another something else. On the UCAS entry profile it says A-level Maths is needed. However for the unspecified engineering foundation course it simply states 240-300 points depending on your subjects at level 3.

    Admissions said that they ask for maths A-level for all engineering foundation years, yet the website says different...

    I took them out of my 5, but if anyone has any info on them it would be great

    (Original post by Boozah)
    1 of my choices was a BEng at Liverpool and I've just got an unconditional.

    Had my heart set on going to Manchester though so i cant work out if I should go into the foundation at Manchester (if i get offered it) or whether I should save a year and go to Liverpool now.
    I've actually firmed liverpool and put manchester as my insurance, manchester hasa good reputation and a good history but liverpool's engineering department is really good

    i been offered a place in southampton university for engineering foundation year. and also a place for leicester electronic
    and software engineering main course. offer for both of them is BBB. i know southampton has very high ranking where as leicester isnt that high.
    what do you guys think is the best for me and my career?
    and i think i will be able to get AAB OR ABB for my a levels. does good university have engineering course in adjustment?


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Updated: February 2, 2013
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