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Leeds Met Applications 2012

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    (Original post by jemma2805)
    Anyone else applied for Carnegie Village, Cluster Flats?
    Yes!! I have! x
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    Hello, I have an interview, for Adult Nursing on Wednesday at Leeds Met, does anyone know what the interview entails? I know there is maths test, but I mean in the group interview?!!
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    I'm on the selection day on Wednesday too, I want to revise for the maths and literacy test... but not sure what to revise. and have not idea what we have to do for the group activity!
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    I've applied to study Public Relations and I still haven't heard anything back! Is anyone in the same position as me? I sent my UCAS away in November and Leeds is my first choice so I'm really worrying now
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    I've just accepted my unconditional offer for Landscape Architecture Going to be staying at Carlton Hill, haven't actually seen the accommodation so hope it's ok!
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    Sport Business Management anyone??
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    (Original post by TE07)
    Sport Business Management anyone??
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    if anyone is looking for accommodation, let me know as i have a room going spare. not in student halls which means a much more homely feel. double bedroom with en-suite, 20 minute walk from headingley campus. contact me for more details
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    I got a offer for Leeds Met for Games Design (it say im down as sandwich course)

    Dont know what accomdation yet

    Kirkstall Brewery looks good

    Should i make it my first choose uni? it looks better than wrexham

    I now accepted Leeds met
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    Spanish With International Relations anyone? Or either ?

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    Put my deposit down on a cluster flat, sports therapy
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    I'm doing Public Relations! Where have you applied to live?
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    sport leisure and culture anyone?
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    Anyone living near Carnegie stadium. Got a house there and would be good to meet people who are kinda local.
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    Anyone studying Sports Coaching?? And looking to live at concept place!
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    I just put my Accomdation depoist down for Kirkstall super excited cant wait til September
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    Sports Business Management as well
    anyone who has applied for accommodation in the last week, were opal 1&2 still available to pick?
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    (Original post by laurabru)
    Sports Business Management as well
    anyone who has applied for accommodation in the last week, were opal 1&2 still available to pick?
    if you go on the leeds met website, you can apply through there.. there are still available, but only single rooms.. i think i am going to apply there now, just still cant decide!
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    Just waiting for my decision to be processed and then i'll be able to do it, glad those halls are still available though!
    have you been up to see them?
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    ahhh i see... what course have you applied for? leeds met took a while to get back to me as well.. I've just applied to opal now. yeah i went to see them, opal 1 looks really good, the rooms are decent sizes as well, I was hoping for a double room but there is only like 23 of them, so i'll probably end up with a single which are fine tbh!.. opal 2 is the exact same on the inside, i just thought it looked a bit dull from the outside.. so in the 'other information' box on the application i just said i would like to be in opal 1 which i recommend you do if you apply for there!


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