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Any chance of teaching abroad unqualified?

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    I'm expecting to graduate with a 2:2 in psychology, I was wondering if anyone has applied abroad for teaching, without being qualified, and where the best place would be to look.Obviously I would prefer a paid role, but even if it voluntary but accommodation is paid for I wouldn't mind doing something like that for a few months.Anyone have any good experiences or recommendations of where to look?So far I have looked at the teach away website which seems good.

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    You can get jobs in international schools, unqualified, by applying speculatively. Just don't necessarily expect the standards, pay or facilities to be at the level of a UK state school! As you are a psychologist, look for schools that offer Psychology at IGCSE, GCSE, A Level or IB level.

    I speak as someone who's worked in international schools for six years off the bat of speculative applications. I initially went as an unqualified teacher but literally qualified via the assessment-only route just the other day So happy to finally be a qualified teacher.

    In your position, you could also get a TEFL qualification before going, just in case Psychology posts are hard to come by.

    Hope that helps, and just let me know if you have any more questions
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    Hi thanks for your reply, i have a few questions....

    What countries did you go to?

    Are there any thaf you would recommend in terms of culture?

    did you have to pay for you own accommodation?

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    I've only been to France so far (husband is French) but we are likely to move to Belgium in 2015 so I'll be able to offer some form of comparison then!

    I'd recommend picking a country where you either have some knowledge of the language already or where you are committed to learning it, as this makes integration much easier (even if you only hang out with expats, you still need to make sure you understand all of the medical, rental, employment etc paperwork that you will get).

    In countries like France and Belgium you will have to pay for your own accommodation; it's mainly the Arab and Asian countries where accommodation may be included.

    Try asking questions on the TES Teaching Overseas forum too; the people there are very helpful and experienced.

    Let me know if you feel I can help with anything else


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Updated: July 18, 2014
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