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The 'I have got on to a PGCE Course 2012-2013' Thread

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    (Original post by Deemi)
    Hi Shilz,

    Congrats, I have also got a place on the PGCE secondary 14-19 business education at Brad.Col, I understand yours is a Primary course but the assignments should be the same, and you mentioned books, which books have you started purchasing?

    And yes excited 2

    Well the only book that may be of interest to you is;

    "How to pass the QTS Numeracy and Literacy Skills Test" Chris Tyreman

    It's pretty straightforward with practice questions etc.

    The rest are based on Primary teaching but I'm sure you'll be able to find similar material. i.e. books on successful placements, outstanding teaching, subject knowledge etc.

    Theory books on education may also be useful for our assignments.

    (I'm a bit of a collector, like having my own little library , but I'm sure there will be useful books in the college library too)
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    O right brilliant thanks for the advice inshall defo be on the hunt amzon all the way... Are you from bradford?
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    Im sorry if there appears to be any mistake in spellings i am using this silly iphone, but yes i will also start collecting books its good to have your own otherwise having to rush to the library would be one hell of a fight against other students x
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    Just a warning... I wouldn't buy too many books. I bought one that we "had" to have. I used it once. Not picked it up since. You'll find that a lot of the educational theory stuff is journal based, as these are more up to date than published books. Plus, your course tutors will usually recommend certain books as you go along [and often let you buy them through the uni, usually at a discounted rate].

    I only say that because the pgce year is an expensive year. Best not to waste money you might otherwise need.

    Oh, and for the QTS tests, try the website first. http://www.tda.gov.uk/trainee-teache...lls-tests.aspx They have practise tests, guidance and hints on there. Most of my friends [and myself] just used the practise papers and we were fine. Try them. If you think you would like more guidance, then get the books [which seem to be pretty good, from the little I have seen of them].
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    Thanking you... So have you done your pgce affinity89?
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    (Original post by Deemi)
    Thanking you... So have you done your pgce affinity89?
    I am over half way there.
    I have three weeks in university before I start my final placement.
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    Good Luck with everything, i cant wait to be honest want to get on with it asap lol
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    (Original post by tbmanu4life)
    Hey, i got my letter last week to but had been away so only seen it in the last few weeks! I had the same conditions but they also said that the interviewers(ie roy hughes and the headmsater) recommend i get more experience in a primary school before i start which ill get on with now! Really looking forward to starting soon, ill be moving to leeds for september which seems miles away!
    Yeah, they recommended that I work on my maths as I think I flunked the test! I've sent that mound of paperwork back so just waiting now. How much experience do you have? I only had about 2 weeks! I'm moving to Leeds in August from London! Really excited!!
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    Hi all, just discovered this site and it seems really helpful. Really hoping some of you can offer some advice.. I am wanting to apply for PGCE D&T- Textiles at Sheffield Hallam. My original plan was to apply for Sept 2013, however I currently work in the fashion industry and as our company has just been taken over I have decided to apply for Sept 2012. Due to my work commitments I cannot take any time off until after April to gain classroom experience. My question is do I send my application in now or wait until after April to apply with classroom experience? I don't want to miss out by applying later on...
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    Hi Carly, i would apply asap really id ring the university direct to see if there are any vacancies left... i applied last year but i was too late and that was december/january period
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    Hiya. Ok thanks for the advice. I'm just worried I won't even get an interview if I haven't had recent classroom experience? Any tips for my personal statement? Are you on a course now after being too late last year?
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    In the title.
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    (Original post by missmomo)
    Yeah it does have to be. I've already had to have a CRB check done for some mentoring I do at a school (although they paid for it), but I have to get a new one for this of course.

    I'm so excited, are you? it's all starting to feel really real!
    I've already got a CRB too but will need another one. I still haven't received a letter from Sheffield just the letter on the GTTR. I don't know whether to email the tutor :s

    Yes, Im really excited but starting to feel a bit scared as its actually going to happen!
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    Anybody here going to LSBU?
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    (Original post by Coop06)
    I've already got a CRB too but will need another one. I still haven't received a letter from Sheffield just the letter on the GTTR. I don't know whether to email the tutor :s

    Yes, Im really excited but starting to feel a bit scared as its actually going to happen!
    I rang the department in February and they said we should be getting the mailing for our medical stuff in at least a month then. Apparently we won't be getting our CRB forms until about May because they want them to be as recent as possible.
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    Anybody else starting primary at St.Mary's in September?
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    Is anyone else starting PGCE lower primary at Leeds met this September ????

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    (Original post by Tinklah)
    I noticed your location says Cambridge - are you the chap who graduated from Cambridge University, who I embarrassed in the queue for getting certificates signed off, and then walked to the train station with after the interviews?!
    Yep that would be me! Yeah thanks for that - not like I was nervous about the day without the anti-Oxbridge hostility Maybe not so glad you got in now... jk!

    You planning to live in private accommodation or leicester accommodation?
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    Ha ha - well you know it isn't really hostility - more like jealousy

    I'm lucky (or maybe unlucky?!) that my Mum has recently moved to Leicester, so I'm probably going to be lodging with her and her partner (nothing like a step child to put the dampner on a relationship!). It'll be the first time in about 8 years I'll have lived 'back at home' - it's certainly going to be an experience!
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    WOOHOOOOO.... Durham RE Secondary here I come:-) Only 7 places in total, and I got one!!!!! Well done to everyone else who has been accepted so far and good luck to the rest of you:-) xx


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