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PGDE 2015 intake

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    Hey, im looking to apply to Glasgow Uni to do the pgde in secondary modern studies, just wanted to know if anyone else was applying for a pgde. Thanks! x
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    Hiya Lauren,
    I am applying for a primary PGDE at Glasgow, currently studying undergrad education at Durham! Do you know what is going on with the UCAS application process, apparently for Scottish universities we have to apply through undergrad, do you know if that is right? x
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    I'm planning on applying for the 2015 intake for Primary as well . I've emailed administration to ask what the procedure is because I'm slightly confused .

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    Hi! I'm also applying for PGDE Primary at Glasgow, Strathclyde and UWS. I spoke to UCAS and they said that you definitely need to apply through undergrad. I've been through the part on UCAS where you add options and it let me add it in okay.

    Hope this helps!

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    I was going to start a Facebook group is that's something that would benefit everyone ?!

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    Hello all! Thanks for the replies. I was beginning to think I was the only one applying! Very odd that it's done thru the undergraduate cycle but hey ho, iv half done it, just need to write my personal statement then I'm done! I'm keen for a fb page just lemme know!! Would be good to meet people especially if we will be at the same uni! Xx
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    I applied last week for PGDE secondary in Biology How exciting! Good luck to everyone! x
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    Oh how exciting! I can't apply til after the school hols coz that's wen I start my classroom observations! It's been hard to organise childcare coz I'm a fulltime mum! So il apply after iv been in at least 2 days, altho I do plan on staying on till the summer. I just want this application sent off! Everything's finished just need to add my experience to the personal statement. I emailed Glasgow an they only take between 8-10 students for the pgde!!!!
    Is there anyone else applying for modern studies?
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    (Original post by PKMilwain)
    I was going to start a Facebook group is that's something that would benefit everyone ?!

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    The Facebook group might be of benefit to myself, always a good idea for us to support each other as we make our teacher training applications. Like the rest of you, I am looking to apply to Scottish institutions.
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    Anyone wanting to be included in the PGDE Facebook page leave me your name so I can add you to it

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    Samantha Kelly
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    Lauren Davie
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    Skye Clark
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    Sophie Anderson
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    Shannon Richardson
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    Is someone making a facebook group or will I make one?
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    Also, who is everyone using as a reference? Employer or am I best to get a character ref?
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    I'm using a uni tutor even tho I left in 2010 but thats still allowed. Xx
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    does anyone know for certain the deadline date for applications?

    I have applied previous years and it has always been the end of November/ start of December. I asked UCAS and they said the standard deadline for MOST PGDE courses is the 15th January.

    I'm a bit concerned as I will be submitting my application once my reference completes it.
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    January 15th apparently. I might contact UCAS directly about the specific courses though. Now I'm worried haha!


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