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Nursing at RGU

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    Hi, does anyone know what the timetables are like for the nursing students at RGU?
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    Hey, I don't know either but I have heard that there are some really early morning starts and sometimes lectures can finish quite late into the evening.. what type of nursing are you doing?
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    Timetables are here: http://www4.rgu.ac.uk/timetabling/ab....cfm?pge=54628 but they can be a bit tricky to find unless you know how to use them. Do you know your course name? Lectures will generally be 9/10-4pm with breaks. Hope that helps
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    I managed to find the timetable for Child Nursing - Group timetable - NM 12 Bachelor Nursing Child A4, NM 12 BN Child A4 - RGU: Semester 1-3 (2012/2013)

    But It is so hard to understand..
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    Does anyone know if theres a night out in freshers week for new nursing students?
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    (Original post by kgraham)
    Does anyone know if theres a night out in freshers week for new nursing students?
    Saw a post on the Woolmanhill page "To alll the first year adult nursing team. Our meet up is going to be Sunday 16th Sept at the old school house, little belmont street at 9.30... Hope to see everyone there!"
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    Just seen this now, so gutted I couldn't make it


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Updated: September 17, 2012
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