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Anyone heard back from any scottish unis?

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    yeahhh you too! good luck
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    I heard back, got an interview at Dundee, so I'm really pleased. (: Just need to start preparing now! Hope you've heard back too Kirsty.
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    (Original post by kirsty6132)
    I've got an interview at Stirling tomorrow and Robert Gordon on wednesday so will let you know when I've done it . I'm still waiting to hear from Dundee and its really annoying because thats where I want to go! haha
    Hi, how did the interview at Robert Gordon go? Mines on the 6th of March, what is the interview like?
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    It was ok! You get put in to groups you then have to answer questions on a scenairo which all of yous talk about as a group after then you have a campus tour
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    Thanks for the feedback, its doesn't sound too scary now
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    Heyy, i heard bk from UWS, i was unsuccesful still havent heard from dundee or endinburgh napier yet? Has anyone else heard anything?
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    aw really! . iv still not heard back from west of scotland after the interview.. im still waiting to hear from dundee and edinburgh napier! my friend has a conditional for dundee which i dont think is fair that there giving out places before they've interviewed everyone
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    I haven't heard from Dundee or Napier or RGU, so at least you guys have heard something :P
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    I heard back from dundee today !
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    (Original post by kirsty6132)
    I heard back from dundee today !
    What date did you pick? My interview is on the 2nd of April - a long time to prepare myself, at least!
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    heyy ive got an interview for dundee aswell havent picked my date yet because i need to sort flights out etc.. were do you live kirsty? do you have far to travel?xxx
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    I'm on the 2nd of april to ! erm i live like 3 hours away so not to bad! xx
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    Mine on The 2nd of april too i needa fly out on the sunday tho cuz im frm n.i xxxx
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    Aww i see! maybe see you there
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    Good luck girls, hope we all manage to get in! (:
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    Hey, iv been to both my interviews for stirling and dundee, iv not heard back from Stirling yet but i have a conditional from Dundee! Still havent heard back from napier or glasgow yet though, has anyone else? :-) x
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    what branch have you applied for?
    I've got my interview for Dundee on 2nd of april how was it?
    im still waiting to hear from napier too. x
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    Got an offer from Edinburgh Napier today
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    for what branch?
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    i got an offer from QMU and Glasgow Uni. Still waiting for Napier and glasgow Caley.
    good luck to all of you!


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