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The 11/12 NBA season thread

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    Rondo triple-double. :coma:

    Awesome game last night. If someone told me earlier in the season that the Celtics were going to play the 76ers in the 2nd round of the playoffs, I would have assumed that he was on crack.
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    Lakers all the way. Kobe will get his 6th this year
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    (Original post by Zygis)
    Lakers all the way. Kobe will get his 6th this year
    I'm with you. Go Lakers
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    No chance Lakers win Spurs or Thunder
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    free game on nba tv :king1:
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    Sweet game in Orlando. Big Baby did a hell of a job, kinda feel bad for him that they lost. The Pacers got away twice and it looked like the game was over but the Magic did an impressive job to chase them. Kinda shame they lost after all.
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    (Original post by Xotol)
    Can't even lie, i love watching him play! The Thunder in general though.
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    Anyone else watching this FT contest ?
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    oh damn, thanks fro the heads up :yy:
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    (Original post by Simon Adebisi)
    Anyone else watching this FT contest ?
    what do you mean :laugh:
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    (Original post by S-man10)
    what do you mean :laugh:
    There were quite a few free throws in the second quarter
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    B Diddy's knee
    Bad year for injuries
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    The Knicks got this.
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    Oh Wade. Let's go Melo.
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    does wade want to throw the game away. what is wrong with the free throw shooting
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    NYK, the Arsenal of the basketball world
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    Post 36 minutes ago check.
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    typical miami... end this now please :sigh:
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Updated: August 13, 2012
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