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The 11/12 NBA season thread

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    (Original post by SamF1992)
    OKC won't defend like they did last night every night though. They'll regress to the mean, which is an average defense that doesn't cover the P&R well, and gives up the most corner 3's in the league. Both of which are where San Antonio makes it's living.

    Even if they did defend like that for the rest of the series, which they won't, Ibaka isn't going to get 14 a night, Sefolosha definitely isn't going to get 19 a night. Manu isn't going to just hit 1 FG every night, Leonard, Green, Diaw and Bonner aren't going to contribute a combined 6 points every night regardless of how they're defended.

    In addition to this, OKC's defensive adjustments that worked so well, have almost certainly opened up some other weakness in their defense. It's damn near impossible to not give some sort of weakness up on the defensive end regardless of the strategy you employ, and if there's any coach the league who can study the game tape and adjust sets to exploit the new inevitable weaknesses, it's Pop.

    tldr: OKC won't defend on the level they did last night for the rest of the series, and if they do, it won't result in a blowout every night.
    You were saying?
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    (Original post by Miryo)
    You were saying?
    OKC didnt defend as well and didnt blow them out so what is your point ?
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    Ibaka's shooting performance! I'm really impressed considering he made some perimeter jumpshots.
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    **** just got real SON!
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    (Original post by alexsong)
    OKC didnt defend as well and didnt blow them out so what is your point ?
    They defended well and the game was never in doubt, it wasn't as bad as a blow out as last time but it wasn't a close game at all
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    Damn, Durant finally showed up in the 4th and they win. Ibaka shot 100%.

    I still see Spurs winning, but now in 6 or 7.
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    21-6 start for the Celtics lol
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    Miami playing **** basketball, no organisation or hustle on defense, don't even care about boxing out. They should be ashamed of themselves. It's like the West conference is a different league altogether.
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    See you folks after a while. Ny then A lot of things will have happened.

    Miami :sigh:
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    Dam son, I feel privileged to be watching this Boston team.
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    Never underestimate that Celtic Pride
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    (Original post by Miryo)
    Dam son, I feel privileged to be watching this Boston team.
    Wtf is Rondo on? Cos' I want some. That last pass to PP was a jaw-dropper, made it look so easy, so casual, just beautiful to watch. PP isn't exactly having a bad game either, and Allen has sunk a few 3s tonight already. Loving the Celtics comeback
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    lol at Rondo's interview.
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    That foul called on Lebron to get him to foul out was absolutely ridiculous, complete crap from the officials.
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    Celtics winnnnnnnn!

    Wade missing the 3 at the end bwahaha! We 2-2 now.
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    Lebron sitting on the sidelines, fouled out, thinking "Awww man, that could've been me missing that shot."

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    Dam I nearly suicided when wade faked Daniels.
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    (Original post by johnharris19944)
    That foul called on Lebron to get him to foul out was absolutely ridiculous, complete crap from the officials.
    It was terrible officiating. I agree, but on both sides. The refs were atrocious and some of those fouls on James were stupid calls, but on both sides they were just calling fouls that made one say out loud "really?"--that travel call on Garnett for one. You just don't call that.

    It will/would be an entertaining, competitive series without constant meddling from the referees anyway.
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    It's not like D-Wade to miss an open trey.. I am dissapoint.
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