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When does your earliest lecture start?

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    9am 3 times a week, but it's for fieldwork/practical work rather than lectures.
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    9am, 11am twice then other two days..none
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    9am, luckily only on Monday.

    Thursday is 12 at the moment, Friday 10 or 11.

    But next term we have another module so Thursday will be 9 as well.
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    (Original post by Lintu93)
    12:00. I've overslept and missed it more times than I've been to it.

    I know, I'm a disgrace... *hangs head in shame* :sigh:
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    9am, only on Thursdays thankfully. Although I struggled to make it to the 12 o'clock lecture today (overslept), I didn't do myself any favours for waking up tomorrow
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    tuesday 9
    wednesday 10
    thurdsday and friday 11
    monday an inhuman 2pm....
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    10:15, unless we;re on site visits, in which case it's usually 8:20.
    We turn up at the bus stop on those days looking like we're warmed up death lol.

    In my third year of undergrad my earliestlecture was 1:00. On those days It was still sometimes a struggle to get in...
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    10am on a Tuesday! I can't wake in time for that ever! And I only have lectures twice a week!!
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    11am this semester, although I have a 10am seminar just before it which I have to get up for.
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    I have 3 9am lectures and 2 10am lectures every week. :emo:
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    10am today!

    However, at 9am, i have a tutorial and if i miss this, i won't have seen my tutor in 6 weeks! (Even though we see our tutor once every 2 weeks) :zomg:

    Looks like I've gotta get up at 8am
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    8:30 am
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    9am, and I generally have most lectures in the morning. This term I only had one that was past midday!
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    11am twice a week, and then 12pm and 1pm on the other two days. Fridays are off.

    It's a hard life, I tell ya
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    9am everyday except Fridays when lectures start later.
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    9am, three times a week.
    I can't understand why I so often struggle to make it in, yet on the weekends when I start work at 7.30am I have no problem getting up & am instantly happy. :erm:
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    9am Mon-Wed. Usually in school for 8.15am on Thur/Fri. [Obviously, on placement, the earlier time of around 8-8.15am applies every day.]
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    (Original post by whyumadtho)
    9am. Four times a week. :sigh:
    That's an obvious case of human rights abuse. You have my sympathy.
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    I have a 10am one but luckily it's only once every two weeks. Apart from that one, my earliest lecture is at 12. In 1st year I had a 9am start every day... Painful.


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