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Queen Mary 2012 Offers/Rejections Thread

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AQA GCSE physics P1 unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    I have a Conditional to Study History (deferred entry- 2013), with conditions of obtaining my Higher School Certificate (HSC- NSW, Australia) and an ATAR of 90 or above.

    Post your offers/rejections below, including interviews

    If you want, also include conditions of the offer, and if you will be firming
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    Interview for Geography
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    Conditional for science and engineering foundation
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    Conditional for Medical Genetics
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    Offer for Computer Science - so happy
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    Conditonal for Law
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    (Original post by medusa cascade)
    Conditional for science and engineering foundation
    what were your AS grades

    which science did you apply for
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    (Original post by aj1994)
    Conditonal for Law
    When did you send your application of? And what grades did you receive? Also, what are your predicted?

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    History and Politics (Conditional)
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    Medical Genetics (Conditional 32 IB Points)
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    i have two offers from qm both for maths
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    One for physics ABB
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    AAB - Economics,Statistics & Mathematics
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    (Original post by nadia17abedin)
    When did you send your application of? And what grades did you receive? Also, what are your predicted?

    I assume you're applying to do Law. I know it wasn't directed at me, but I might as well reply.

    Sent 2nd Nov, AAAB AS level, A*A*A predicted.

    Law conditional, if you didn't guess :P
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    (Original post by sucess)
    what were your AS grades

    which science did you apply for
    My AS grades were:
    B - English Literature
    B - Chinese
    C - General Studies
    D - Maths
    D - Biology
    E - Chemistry.

    I actually applied twice, once for the Biology foundation year and once for the Chemistry one. Still not sure which one I'm going to go for yet but both my offers were CCC in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. The thing is, although I go to one of the best state sixth forms in the country, my E in Chemistry was actually one of the highest grades in my class because my teacher was awful. I'm also retaking almost the entire of my AS year.
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    I applied for Politics on 7th Dec with predicted AAB and have still not heard from them...
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    Offer for 360 UCAS points, with As in English and History. But I'll be needing an A* in one of them, 'cause I'll be lucky to get a B in Maths :/
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    Hi, just got a conditional for Biochemistry, 300 pts I'm insuring it!
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    Conditional offer for economics Bsc!
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    conditional offer for business management 340 ucas points but i got predicted 300 should i take the offer or not


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