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UCLan 2012 Applicants

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    (Original post by JLH23)
    hey, i've got a conditional for counselling and psychotherapy except my offers for 300 >.<
    I have a conditional offer of 300 points for counselling and psychotherapy too x
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    has anyone else been offered a place on the ODP degree course for sept 2012? it would be nice to get to know people before the start of the course.
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    (Original post by rockzchick13)
    i just got an unconditional offer from uclan for ODP anyone else joining me in sept?
    Hey got my conditional offer last week! Check you with yr unconditional haha I'll hopefully see ya in September!!
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    Got an offer to be Media Production
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    (Original post by cllio)
    I've got a offer for chemistry at UCLAN, any one else doing that? or pharmacy etc?
    Yeah I have applied for Pharmacy
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    I'm just wondering, how long after you firmed your place at UCLan did you recieve a number, which entitles you to applying for accommodation?
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    (Original post by Conyony)
    Hey got my conditional offer last week! Check you with yr unconditional haha I'll hopefully see ya in September!!
    i phoned mike and he said we r gonna do a day in june to get to know each other and do crb and medical! so i hope u dont mind me asking are you a mature student like me?
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    (Original post by RhiGibson)
    You're not alone there! I'm from Kent and on the open day while I was speaking with lots of people ... appeared to be one of the very few southerners!!!
    Oh that's cool! I'm at uni in kent at the mo! Everyone at the mo seems to be from kent though! I can't win where ever I go lol. What course are you doing?
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    A quick question, what is the best en suite accommodation for a Pharmacy student? Because Roeburn seems pretty good.
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    iQ Kopa is the most modern. I saw Roeburn on my applicant day visit, and it's a little older but still fairly nice.

    Just take a look at them all on the uclan website panorama view - although you can't pick and choose which halls you get put in, you just ask for en suite and they put you someplace.
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    You can apply privately for the non-uni owned halls if you have your heart set somewhere, although I think a lot of them are filling up rather quickly (or iQ is at least from what I've been told.)
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    Hey is anyone looking for a room starting from 1st september 2012 runs to june 2013, its in a house situated close to uni and town its a double bedded room and is £69 per week lovely house you'd be sharing with 5 other amazing girls, if your interested message me or comment please. x
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    Hello Everyone! I have confirmed the admission for MSc Cancer Biology & Therapy course at UCLan..
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    (Original post by pashoxphysio)
    Ive applied for Physiotherapy in Uclan
    hey hun, was just wondering if you did get on to study physiotherapy at UCLAN. if you did, can you please let me know what kind of interview questions you were asked as I've got an upcoming interview for the same course. Thanks xxxx


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