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Rejected for Social Work with HE access course

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    (Original post by stevestudent)
    Yes that seems to be the case. I have got lots of interviews set up now. So all seems to be resolved, I now see that I was mis informed by Nottingham via my Tutor. I am hoping I now get interviews at all my choices. Still would prefer Nottingham though, let's see if i get an offer. Thanks for everyones input
    One of the people that claimed Manchester don't like Access courses actually dropped out and everyone hated her...even her best friend who is still on the course was sick of her. So this tells us all something. From my experience too, unis seem very keen towards the Access course now because there's a certain level determination in those studying it, especially when they've completed it.

    If you haven't made it into Nottingham it could be a number of things, such as you might not have been right for them or they felt they weren't right for you...what's best is to be prepared with a back-up just in-case, which it seems you've done. With what you've described you should have no trouble finding a place somewhere.

    Best of luck!
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    Hi, I am considering the access to social work course at a local college, how did you find the course?


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