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You Become a multi - Millionare overnight....

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    ......What would you do? How would you spend it?

    lets say you inherent circa of £20 million.
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    Buy a swimming pool. Get the £20mill in £5 notes.
    Fill the pool with the 20 mill, and swim. Swim. SWIM
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    (Original post by SW1X)
    ......What would you do? How would you spend it?

    lets say you inherent circa of £20 million.
    Start a company and live somewhere nice
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    Spend around 5 mill on a flat in London, maybe something in Manhatten aswell and a villa abroad.

    maybe buy a couple of restraunts in London and then continue with my career in the City, while my assets are rising in value.
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    invest in property both here and abroad (a.k.a buying great house with massive garden and a walk in wardrobe in the main bedroom)... invest some time in some retail therapy... give money to my dad so he can start a building project... TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL.... invest some in something that will keep me generating money or will earn me money... i would sya donate to charity but that seems a bit cheap... i would love to start a homeless shelter or charity myself.
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    by which i mean buy a treasure chest and fill with gold and jewels!
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    Set up a scholarship for outstanding students in bangladesh who can't access a good education for being poor.
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    Set up a business/buy something that can sustain me like a restaurant or franchise or something.

    Nice house.

    Buy dad a Mercedes E class.

    Ferrari 458 Italia, Aston Martin DB9, Lamborghini Aventador, and Mercedes S-Class or a Rolls Royce.

    Pay off debts of family and friends.

    In that order.
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    go travel the world give away 19 million (this 19m would be in a trust fund) Keep 1 million and live a "normal" life.
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    buy apples
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    First thing I'd do would be to turn on the heat lol
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    All the standard stuff really.

    Move to California and get a mansion.
    Buy loads of nice cars.
    Get loads of nice girls.
    Give large sums of money to charity regularly.
    Sort out all the money problems of friends and family.
    Spend silly amounts of money of clothing and jewellery.

    And of course, spend the majority of my time cruising around on a yacht.
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    Emigrate to Florida, invest in a load of property, probably set up some sort of fund for kids from working class backgrounds (like myself) who want to go to uni, buy houses for people in my family (they all live in flats), invest in the panda project in Chengdu and donate a lot of the money to try and save the tiger.

    I also want the biggest boat I can lay my hands on.

    Edit: Really? I got negged for this....
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    Nice houses for myself and immediate family.
    Couple of holiday homes.
    Something nice for the girlfriend.
    Invest shedloads in Apple.
    Put enough money away to comfortably be able to live off the interest.
    A million to charity/medical research.
    Spend remainder on penny sweets :ahee:
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    Put the fire on because I can afford the gas bill lol! I want to give the Cystic Fibrosis Trust 6m to carry out their gene therapy research. After that I'd buy myself a nice house with a pool, preferably in the country, and follow my dream to be a writer without having to worry about not having enough money to pay the bills while I'm actually writing.
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    house in chelsea, build my own manor in the country buy an amazing set of cars and start an insurance company. oh and of course give money to humanitarian charities (bite me WWF)
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    (Original post by Bill_Gates)
    go travel the world give away 19 million (this 19m would be in a trust fund) Keep 1 million and live a "normal" life.
    easy thing to say when you're a multi-billionaire!
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    I'd buy me a brand new sail boat and sail the world right away with my beloved!
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    Half to a worthy cause (I dont trust organised charities but I would actively finance a project that would benefit many)

    House & Land for myself and same for my family

    Couple more modest houses and flats that I would keep ownership of but allow my best friends to live in rent free for some amount of time then rent out once they'd moved on

    A huge takeaway ((because I'm hungry while I'm writing this

    And then I'd tuck what was left into a large savings account and live off the interest while I finished my degree.
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    2 billion penny chews.


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