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You Become a multi - Millionare overnight....

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    Shop till you drop
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    I'd throw it into a bank account and spend a week travelling places and meeting people like they do in The Secret Millionaire. I'd spend a lot of time thinking about what I'd do with the money. I wouldn't want to do anything stupid, but I know that I would want to remain low-profile and tell very few people that I can trust with my life, and be prepared to lose my friendship with them if they make it come to that situation. As much as the next person, I'd hate for that to happen but it does happen - more often so than we think.
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    If I happened to suddenly get such a windfall, I probably would keep quiet about it, nothing is worse then telling everyone you've got money, suddenly the whole world will want to be your friend.

    £20mil........ believe it or not it is actually not a fantastically huge amount and as infinite as it seems to some, there are many people in this world who once had that kind of money at one time who are today destitute.

    As for what I would do. Assuming it is £20m after taxes

    £2m : to various churches and charities of my choice.
    £3m : kept in various off-shore bank accounts.
    £5m : invested into various long term investments.
    £5m : Into a business that I would like to head.
    £5m : I will travel around the world and see everything there is to see on my own time.
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    (Original post by screenager2004)
    Whichever maximises the amount the charity gets I suppose. (£12m is less than £19.9m!)
    That's only in your lifetime. They would carry on getting £200k a year, every year until the banking system collapses.

    I'm strongly morally opposed to inherited wealth though. My kids ain't gettin' squit. and I don't see how anyone sleeps at night with that obscene an amount of money hoarded in their bank account. £20k a year is more than enough for a very comfortable existence, anything more and you're just spoiling yourself with stuff you don't need.
    You...you...you MARXIST! :sick:
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    Save some, give some to family, donate to a few charities, buy a lovely house in the countryside, build a theme park
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    (Original post by crazycake93)
    Buy a swimming pool. Get the £20mill in £5 notes.
    Fill the pool with the 20 mill, and swim. Swim. SWIM
    Lets say the swimming pool costs £1,000. Thats £19,999,000 left. Thats 3,999,800 £5 notes. A £5 note is roughly 0.1mm thick, 133mm wide, and 68mm long.

    The swimming pool is roughly 6x12 meters. That is an area of 72m^2. (72,000,000mm^2)
    The area of a £5 note is 7,684mm^2. This means 9,370 £5 notes will cover the bottom layer.

    Now, this means you will have 427 layers, making a thickness of 42mm of £5 notes in the pool.

    Verdict: You need more money, or you won't be able to swim.

    Lol, yes, i'm bored (and some of it is probably wrong)
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    (Original post by Summering)
    You do realise inflation is at around 5%, so 2% would mean you're losing money . That's why I can't take people who say "I'll put it in a savings account and LIVE OFF INTEREST" seriously!
    The economy will pick up soon, though. Or just go for a higher risk investment portfolio to beat inflation.
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    (Original post by Summering)
    Yeah. I think most people on here don't really get how it works (I've seen around 10 people say "put it in a savings account and get interest"). The best idea, if you don't want to actively manage your portfolio, would just be to stick some in an index fund, or a hedge fund I guess.
    Or commodities.
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    First thing I'll do is just go travel all over the world to see everywhere and everything I've dreamed of, and also take full advantage of first class and 5 star hotels very often :ahee:.

    I'll also give some to my family, and when I've settled I'll buy myself a nice car and nice house. I'll also use some to help charities and maybe set up my own business.
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    Erm I'd probably put 5m in the bank straight away. Split 5m to a few charities that are important to me, cystic fibrosis and cancer, and probably a few local ones as well. Take a heap of mates from school on a massive holiday, invest in property all over the world. Pay off any debt of my mums. Put money in the bank for my brother. Pay for uni, a car and a flat for myself.
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    (Original post by Bustenhalter)
    Set up a scholarship for outstanding students in bangladesh who can't access a good education for being poor.
    i cant imagine who wud neg rep that......

    i wud invest in such countries to make jobs for these outstanding students when they graduate...
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    Buy a country mansion for a few million. Buy a Bentley and a Patek Phillipe watch. Lobby my government to allow a casino to be built, and run said casino. Stick the remaining 15million or so in a Swiss bank. Keep 10million as a backup and use 5million as operating capital for the casino and other investments.
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    (Original post by SW1X)
    ......What would you do? How would you spend it?

    lets say you inherent circa of £20 million.
    Nice penthouse in London, buy a bigger house in Neuilly-sur-Seine and buy a room in at the Wynn Las Vegas

    I'd then spend 500k of it for an EB-5 visa to the US, buy an auto shop in Las Vegas and customise muscle and pony cars for the rest of my life

    The rest would fund my alcohol, cocaine and gambling addictions
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    with 20 million.....

    invest about 8 million....with a 5% return....netting me a £400,000 yearly income (not to mention the rise in value of the shares themselves)

    spend 5 million on a house for myself, my parents and schooling for my siblings

    keep the rest in the bank/self invest/buy cool gadgets
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    1. Settle my immediate family's debts.
    2. Hire staff to work in our family business to replace most of my hours.
    3. Continue my studies, hoping to get a degree and work for an accounting firm before I have the skills to run a big organisation.
    4. Invest in my brother's business and either buy out or squeeze local disliked competition. (I do like competition, but not when people drag others through mud).
    5. Invest in property.
    6. Build a property. 3 storey, with underground basement & garage, on top of a hill, swimming pool, jacuzzi, massive open shower, massive bed, cinema.
    7. Buy a 2011 Koeniggsegg Agera, 1969 Shelby Mustang GT500, 2002 Honda NSX-R, 03-07 Mitsubishi Evo, 2011 Nissan GT-R (R35)
    8. Build a super casino with a few other rich investors.
    9. Buy a Mac and smash it up!

    In that order. I have a bet with a friend however that by 2020 Apple won't be as successful. Some other tech company will be.
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    (Original post by Annoying-Mouse)
    Why not? There's nothing wrong with providing financial security for your family. In fact, depending on what you do with it (invest/save) make it out so that 100% of the financial security you provided goes charity and you and your family are merely living a happy life from the returns you've received. Surely that's a very moral thing to do? I know wealth isn't needed for happiness but it does help say if you want to travel the world and see all the different sites, fund a research project of your choice etc etc etc. Heck, in terms of long-term you could probably do more good that way then simply giving it to charity right away.
    There is something wrong with providing financial security for someone - you give them a disincentive to build their own security.
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    (Original post by screenager2004)
    There is something wrong with providing financial security for someone - you give them a disincentive to build their own security.
    Then why would you give the money away to help others?
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    Daily Fail Estate Agents
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    Wow. Want.

    From now on the Mail is my favourite paper, just for that.
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    I would just travel. I'd feel secure enough financially so that I didn't have to worry about not having a house, I could just do whatever and go wherever. I probably wouldn't waste it on staying in luxury hotels and things like that, just your average hotel, or rented house.
    If I found somewhere that I particularly loved, i'd maybe then buy a house there once i'm done moving around.

    It'd be great


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