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How Much Money do You Have in the Bank?

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    I have -50 quid in my account, but my overdraft is £1000 so i always class myself to have £950...
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    Im 18 and will be going off to uni in september. is £300 enough to get going for uni?
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    £2000 in savings, -£35 in my student account.
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    I'm 15 and I have £10k+ In my savings

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    £56.40 but I've bought something online recently and it hasn't taken the money yet for some reason.
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    (Original post by lyle17120)
    Do you genuinely have £69 in your bank account or is this a blatent and, frankly, unfunny sexual reference?
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    i dont have any money in my bank account as such because m a student at the moment. my parents meet my expenses. but i have strong ambitions in mind to earn a lot of money and also use that money for charitable activities.

    earn as much as u can but dont forget that there is someone in ur neighborhood who is going to bed without dinner...HUMANITY CONCERNS

    Hope it helps!
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    (Original post by M4LLY)
    Do you genuinely have £69 in your bank account or is this a blatent and, frankly, unfunny sexual reference?
    It was the latter
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    Current Account -£1300
    Savings Account £0
    Trust Fund when i leave uni £213567534621355324635467536425 3
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    £275 I'm 20 finished 1st year uni. Might be renting a flat all my life rather than buying one...
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    (Original post by lyle17120)
    It was the latter
    *sigh* why am i not surprised?

    On another note, i have Just shy of £8000 in my ISA and another £700ish on my debit card
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    Savings for uni: £1500.

    Rolling in it!!
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    Current account:26p


    Selling my car soon so that should fetch me at least £1000 which I'll be putting aside. I should be getting around £700 at the end of August from working full time (as long as the weathers decent) so I'll have a decent amount to take to uni with me, but for now I'm broke as ****.
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    current £750

    savings £10

    working atm and getting about grand a month but owe parents money so paying most of it back.
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    -£985.16 in my current account. Which leaves me with £14.84 until the bottom of my overdraft.

    £0.02 in my savings account.

    Only 13 days until I get paid...
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    Im £643.28 into my £650 overdraft
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    (Original post by danetello)
    I am 16 and I have got about £12,000 cash in two cash ISAs (one in my name, one in my mum's) although the money in there is mine. Also about £6,000 in goods/stock which I have bought.
    When I was around 14 I started a small business importing electronics from China and then re-selling online, and that's how I earnt my 'fortune' - also no tax paid which saved me some money. I also sell a little bit on gumtree, which saves me money as its free to list.
    I don't really have any expenses like food, gas, rent etc. so I guess that helped me to save a bit.

    edit: why the negs? :confused:
    What sort of electronics did you sell and did you sell them on eBay?

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    Err, my house deposit. So a lot. I'm currently living at home waiting to bloody move though so it's not all peachy.
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    Just over £2,000 in my student account. I'm hoping to have £138,002,000 after tonight though :awesome:
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