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Worst Ever Movie Torture Scene

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    Probably not the worst, but certainly the most memorable. The chainsaw torture scene in Scarface:

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    (Original post by Joinedup)
    Marathon man... Dustin Hoffman gets...
    his teeth drilled full of holes by a nazi dentist - no anesthetic.
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    Bellatrix on Hermione

    Deathly Hallows Part 1

    Come at me
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    That bit in the Titanic where Leonardo DiCaprio holds Kate Winslet over the front of the boat and Celine Dion sings. I'd rather have my balls electrocuted than suffer the torture of having to watch that again.
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    (Original post by modini)
    I think every scene in Saw.
    The first one really wasn't that bad imo and I'm about as squeamish as they get. The rest had some really disturbing scenes though.
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    A serbian film.
    Or in hostel part 2 near the end where that bloke gets his man parts snipped off and fed to the dog. Coincidently it happens to be the torturer getting this treatment so all in all he probably deserves it.
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    Not exactly hardcore, but I always feel all hot and weird during the scene in Last of the Mohicans when Duncan is "sacrificed" on the bonfire. It's his little face that does it.

    Edit: I wouldn't usually bother about negative repping but what the foo? Sorry for having emotions.
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    There are so many awful scenes in Martyrs

    Also, the rape/beatings in Last House on the Left are pretty brutal and really hard to watch.
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    Not a torture scene per say but the kid shooting in the city of god is sooooo powerful.
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    That Blowtorch Clitorectomy scene in The girl next door (The torturey one, not the one about the porn star) made me wince, as did a lot of the rest of the film. The fact that it's based on a true story makes it even worse
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    The Last King of Scotland. Two separate torturing scenes.
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    worst in terms of quality or really bad coz its so graphic and intense?
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    i know that. this is some time releasing movie... i like it...
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    Hostel and Hostel Part 2 are full of awful stuff like this.
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    The Magic Roundabout Extended Uncut DVD Special.

    6 hours of joyous fun for all the family.
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    That scene in taken was pretty... yeah O_o

    lol and the hermione scene with bellatrix, that actually got me. Especially when she screamed
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    (Original post by Steevee)
    Ever heard of a fil called Grotesque?

    It essentially is one tortue scene. And it's brutal.
    If you think you've seen gore films, wait until you've seen grotesque. It was banned from release in the UK.
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    Is it safe?
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    (Original post by Kaytti)
    If you class rape as torture, then Irreversible.
    Why wouldn't rape be torture? this is an exceptional rape scene... I've seen a lot of crazy **** from movies but this was 9 minutes of rape which felt very very real to me.


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