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Is Jesy Nelson (Little Mix) really 'fat'?

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    (Original post by Rant)
    Yes, do yours? I mean, look at them. They're obviously chavs, they're wearing ridiculous outfits, and minus all the makeup they're at best 5/10s.
    They're all beautiful, and I'd kill to look like any of them!
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    She isnt fat but could do with some toning
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    She was made to dress poorly so the sob story of her being abused for being fat would work better. Same old itv.
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    She probably classes as overweight, but I'd say not obese. Yes, I think she has a beautiful face personally. I'm also a big believer of personality being more important than looks (but judging by the state of me most of my life I'd have to be). I don't know why she's getting hate for it though. X Factor is a talent show, and nobody can deny she has talent as a singer, which is what she wants to do.

    Little Mix have proved that they can gel as a group, whatever they look like, and her weight just isn't an issue to her talent even though she might well weigh more than the average girl her age. Who needs to debate about whether she's fat or not? Yes, she has more meat on her bones than some other girls, but that's up to her to live with and her to deal with should she want to.. not up to anybody else to judge the way she lives her life or keeps her body.
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    (Original post by KlaireDelilah)
    They're all beautiful, and I'd kill to look like any of them!
    From what I can see of your picture, you're a lot better looking than they are tbh.
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    Okay - so maybe Jesy isn't the prettiest girl out of them all but she's certainly not ugly, nor obese.

    The others are pretty damn skinny, though. Which would make any average-sized girl look bigger...
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    (Original post by Leighcakes)
    Perrie Edwards dumps boyfriend for One Direction's Zayn

    Too bad she's jumped onto the One Direction boyfriend bandwagon too! :P
    I bet Zayn thinks he's getting it on...
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    (Original post by Rant)
    Who or what is this creature? And what has it done to achieve "celebrity" status?
    Ha, you are all sorts of funny
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    Jesy Nelson's ex, broke up with him to concentrate on her X Factor Dream.

    He is...


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    She's not obese, but she is overweight. Ive found that the people that moan at others for calling her fat are overweight themselves and trying to make themselves feel better.

    She could probably do with losing a bit of weight for health reasons, but the way she dresses probably doesnt help either.
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    She's not obese at all, it's just unfortunate that the other three are so slim, making her look bigger. Jade in particular is REALLY skinny. Jesy was styled terribly on the show as well, by being given those awful skin tight leggings to wear every week.

    She should be glad now anyway, since it'll be partly down to her insecurity/crying VT that they won tonight :awesome:
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    Jesus, she looks like Miss Piggy.
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    How can anyone possibly assess her weight from a photo like that? We can't tell how much she weighs. Even if we saw her naked (:drool:) we couldn't actually tell how healthy she was, because we wouldn't necessarily be able to tell how much of it was fat and how much was muscle, etc.

    I don't think it matters, anyway.
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    does any care about x factor anymore?
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    She's not fat but at least half of all girls under 28 in my local Wetherspoons are hotter.

    She's got back but who cares? She wears concrete on her face.

    I'd never seen her before she was on the TV at the pub tonight because X Factor is basically a cancer but wasn't impressed.
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    Definitly not fat, she just looks bigger compared to the other girls in the group, no doubt now they have won they will put her on a diet which is really sad about that industry.
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    (Original post by Dorito)
    no she isn't.

    It's all about the blonde one though. :drool: :sexface:
    And people say on my threads that I'm talking bull****. Well here's the ****ing evidence.


    (Original post by Einheri)
    The blonde would get it, otherwise "no thanks".
    And again.
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    Not in the slightest! I think she's refreshingly normal


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