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PGCE ENGLISH at IOE 2012 start

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    I had my interview on 19th Dec and got an offer today yay. I was wondering how other people who were interviewed on this day did? I was one of the very cool people who sat outside the hall talking until we all realised a bit too late maybe we should actually go in(!) so it'd be great to hear how you lot got on.

    For anyone who has an interview coming up... my best bit of advice would be don’t over-prepare. Seriously, just stop stressing. I think all they want to see is your natural reaction to various things and so I think it pays to just be yourself. In my interview I had John Yandell. I mainly got asked obvious things like ‘how did you find your experience of learning English at school’ and ‘what was the most important thing you learnt from your observation’. At one point we got on to talking about students who have English as a second language and he sprung the question ‘what SLA authors have you read?’, which then lead to an even more tricky ‘so describe Vygotsky’s theory to me’. It surprised me, but I think that’s what it was intended to do. He actually cut me off once I had started, saying he didn’t want to get into fine details with me, so he was just watching for how I coped I think.

    Good luck to everyone I hope you all have a nice start to 2012 with an offer! x
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    No, mine was the 14th. Did you get interviewed by John too? I had to think really hard for that one haha. Congratulations on the offer x
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    (Original post by LittleBittyPrettyOne)
    Ah well done guys ! Yes, StarBabyCat I want to know too. Have you heard back? Fingers crossed for you x

    Good luck gizemsammali! Just try and stay relaxed (or at least appear it!) and friendly. The only question I got asked that sort of threw me was "Are there any questions I should have asked you?" - I mentioned asking me about a particular experience I had in my personal statement that we hadn't talked about and elaborated further on it. The others were quite standard ones about my educational experiences at school and university, what I've enjoyed studying and what challenges teachers face in today's classroom. Best of luck!
    Thanks i don't know how i would answer that, thanks for the heads up just in case
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    I got my offer yesterday, I was at the same interview day as osman86. Long live roehampton graduates - can't wait until september.
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    Where's Osman????? I'm rooting for him!!
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    Have you heard back, StarBabyCat? I'm rooting for you!
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    Thank you! No not yet, I'm applying for history though; I've just hi jacked your thread!
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    Hey, I actually had my pgce interview at roehampton in november for history and still havent heard anything but ive just read through your thread and im so happy for you! I too am very hopeful that Osman86 has got his place! Sorry for seeming very keen i just am hoping that as all your 'no news is good news' for so long means that it is the same for me!
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    StarBabyCat - SO unfair! Your interview was nearly a month ago?! I really think they will offer you a place and that it's a case of 'no news is good news', as Jaimie_Juliette says.

    Gizemsammali- How did your interview go?

    Ah congrats everyone! Will be exciting to meet everyone in Sept and best of luck to everybody else still waiting to hear x
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    Well I just called them because I was going out of my mind waiting, especially as another applicant over on the TES forum got his offer today. They said that I'll hear officially next week but they are deffo giving me an offer! Delighted but until that status changes on GTTR I refuse to celebrate!

    Good luck everyone!
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    Ahh amazing news! Congratulations StarBabyCat, you really deserve it x
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    Thanks so much! I'm still wondering about osman...is his silence bad news? Last year when I was unsuccessful I went silent on here, I didn't want anything to do with it....hope not, hope he's busy celebrating!
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    He sounds like a good candidate so hopefully that'll be it. Or perhaps hasn't heard yet, I didn't want to check this thread until I had - horrible hearing others have offers/ rejections whilst you don't know!
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    I had my interview today. I think it actually went quite well. They asked me about the pre-1914 poem too. Gonan hear back in a week or two, now its the waiting thats gonna kill me

    Congratulations everyone xx
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    Hi again everyone!

    No i just had a quick look on facebook and cant see one for 2012-13 yet! theres one for every year past though

    gizemsammali sounds like your interview went well, hope the wait isnt too long for you its definitely the worst bit!

    also, rosieposy, we must have been sat at the same table on our interview day because I was interviewed by John as well, so glad you got in! I'm rubbish with names but I was the last one to have my interview with him that day, were you the girl just before me?

    anyway, well done again to everyone for getting offers and good luck to those waiting! can't wait to just get started now!! I still haven't actually received anything from the IOE themselves haha! xxx
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    Does anyone know how many places there are for the PGCE English Secondary?
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    I got a conditional offer!!! So happy!
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    Oh well done!!!!!! Congrats! This thread has been moved but I'm still watching it, still wondering how Osman got on?
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    Has anyone heard from IOE yet?
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    No, nothing from IOE, but I have a letter from the GTTR to say I have firmly accepted the offer.
    Congrats gizemsammali! I think there are something like 148 places for English, and 48 for History, though don't quote me on that - can't seem the find the table I looked at before.
    Anyone have any idea if Osman was offered a place? x


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