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ICT GCSE MS frontpage coursework

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    Has anyone done it?How hard is it..and erm,would anyone be able to give me sum sort of a guide-line on how to do the write up section of it because im reallly stuck..it would be much appreciated,

    Ick, Frontpage? I assume you mean web design. You should print and annotate the HTML, state what it renders and why. Document the reasons for building your site, and the final result. Course requirements often vary, so you should really look at the mark scheme for your unit so you know what you're up against. That should give you a good idea of what you need to document.
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    Depends on personal opinion tbh, on whether or not you find it easy. I personally enjoy building websites and do it a lot so I would love to do it.

    Get a copy of the specification for your course and see what it is like.


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