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Entrance Scholarship

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    (Original post by Aek-94)
    That's what it says, although I think the decisions have probably been made already.
    Perhaps. Gritted teeth! Let us know what the result is!
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    Just seen on fb that it should be friday if there aren't any delays.
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    (Original post by ysgwrn)
    Just seen on fb that it should be friday if there aren't any delays.
    Hoping for none!
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    According to that email, today is decision day! :woo:

    Good luck everyone. :^_^:
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    Anybody hear anything, do let us know!
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    This is making me more nervous as I still haven't received the results... Has anyone received their results?
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    This from the uni on fb

    "The results will be live on the website tomorrow, and letters are being sent out today (so you should get them at the same time)"

    Wonder if they're emailed to school today?
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    Just been on the phone with the Bursaries and Acholarships officer.

    The meeting was held this morning. Letters have been sent to schools and student this afternoon by 1st class, and should arrive for tomorrow morning.

    Results will be posted on the website tomorrow.
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    I won't get my post until I get home after school tomorrow, so depending on what time the results go live on the website, I'll be checking during school.
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    Good luck everyone! Even if you don't get it, don't worry - I'm sure you did your best, and the competition would have been fierce!

    Now cross your fingers, talk to your respective teachers tomorrow morning! (Oh, and you may have to explain why you've been feeling stressed all week like I have, I asked a very very stupid question in Geog today regarding a map just 'cos I couldn't think of the right words to say in a question relating to said map) :P
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    Im in that mood when im like "i know i have failed and have no chance of getting anything" but then im just hoping that somehow i have got something lol. I hope you guys have got something, i only have lessons 2 and 3 tomorrow so will be home by about 1pmish so will find out then...

    Good luck guys and i hope to see tomorrow that those on here have passed!!
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    Cue sleepless night.
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    I noticed a coulpe of hours ago the link to the merit holders for 2011 is the same but it lists the merit holders for 2012
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    Good luck peeps.
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    YES! Got a merit award, unconditional and £1000 will do me nicely thank you very much

    Good luck everyone!
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    (Original post by ShafikLight)
    I noticed a coulpe of hours ago the link to the merit holders for 2011 is the same but it lists the merit holders for 2012
    Any idea where we can get ahold of the Entrance Scholarship list?
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    Can't find this years merit holders list when going via the main site only through your link - where did you find it?
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    I don't know how, but i just looked on that list and saw my name and school for the merit, i couldn't be more happy right now!!

    Hope you all got something too and look forward to seeing you in september
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    UGH. Didn't get it. 4 hours of exams for nothing -.-


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Updated: May 21, 2012
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