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Camera operator in London needed

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    Hi guys,

    I'm a journalism student and a popular music historian by heart. I'm currently looking for someone from London looking for someone with a digital video camera, to assist with an ongoing music documentary series as a camera operator.

    Required some knowledge of video shooting and willingness to work hard - happy to work with film/media/journalism students as well, so if you're not a pro but you have the equipment and some skills - get in touch!

    Salary: Unpaid (initially, however I have spoken to several companies and they're interested in licencing/purchasing the content should it be of a high enough quality, so there is a possibility of making some money in the forthcoming future)

    Duration: Ongoing

    Please note - this it not a university project (at least on my side), however e.g. one episode could be used by you as an assignment, should it match the requirements of your course, and obviously the whole project per se would remarkably enhance your portfolio.

    Please message me on TSR if you're interested. Thanks.
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    *bump* :awesome:
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    Is this job still available i would like to come and work for you. I have also attached my cv as well. If you any more information pleas contact me.
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Updated: June 29, 2012
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