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Top 5 Electronic Engineering Unis

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    I wanna know the top 5 electronic enginnering universities so I can put them on my UCAS application. I've already chosen Southampton, and I don't wanna choose Imperial or Cambridge, as Imperial is too expensive for me (I'm an international) and Cambridge is too difficult to get into.

    So what other 4 universities should I choose?

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    Bristol,Manchester,Nottingham,Su rrey
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    Thank you. Any more opinions?
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    If you fancy coming up to Scotland, Strathclyde would be a good bet.
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    Do you mean purely electronic or electronic and electrical?
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    Newcastle Uni has a great electronics department (I'm there now) and almost all of our graduates go on to employment or further study within 6 months of graduating.
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    Electronic engineering regarding neuro netwroks or like robotics if your interested into that kinda stuff at 'Reading' makes it very good for maybe an insurance or whatever.
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    Yeah I mean purely electronics
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    Not too sure there are many unis that do purly electronics. Most do electrical and electronic. Tbh though with enngineering any uni ranked in the top 20 even 30 are good enough, but the best probably:

    UCL, Cambridge, Southampton, Edinburgh, Imerial. But then again, i would consider surrey, manchester, bath, loughborugh, strathclyde, newcastle to be up there aswell, so it just depends really. Most are good.


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Updated: December 17, 2011
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