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Games you love that no one else seems to have played

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    (Original post by Riku)
    My less mainstream childhood faves (could post ****loads of platformers/Final Fantasy):

    One of my early childhood obsessions that one. It took me genuinely 2 years (not continuous play, I believe I gave up trying daily, returned sporadically for a few months, then left it entirely for over a year before I went back and figured it out) to get past the first minataur. You're on a ledge and he's sort of marching around in the stream below. I would try every hack and slash possible but my puny sword never seemed to do a jot of damage, and I'd always be ended rapidly.
    It took me 2 years to figure out you're supposed to jump straight onto it's back. No secret keys, no special combo moves, no crazy loopholes or cheat codes (hilarious to think this was so long ago I don't think we had internet, so I had no access to online game guides which would've solved it in minutes) just hold down the -> key and make sure you land on it's back, then rodeo the sh*t out of it.
    Damn that bit haunted me
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    (Original post by Kater Murr)
    Go for it!

    I don't know anyone else who has played either Team Buddies (PS1) or Incredible Crisis (PS1), both brilliant games though.
    spyro PS2
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    who has played thios game?

    Called Blood

    Must watch

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/CibO_6YBX_k" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    (Original post by pongalo)
    If only it was one of the greatest games of all time, someone, somewhere might have played it...
    Yeah well no one I know seems to have played it so that's why I mentioned it :chaplin:
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    [QUOTE=zubz91;35346347]who has played thios game?

    Called Blood

    Must watch

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    (Original post by mahjongmagic)
    How the hell is that even possible? :eek:
    Haha when I mention it to people they look at me like 'what?' :dontknow:
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    Grim Fandango!
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    (Original post by KimKallstrom)
    2 and 3 are the best games ever made by anyone ever. Ever.

    My answer is Rocket Knight Adventures on the Megadrive

    I'say Golden Axe but everyone plays it.
    I love the 2nd one
    I didn't know so many people played it, whenever I asked anyone personally - nobody had an idea of what I was talking about
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    Only available through piracy. :cool:
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    who has played this? amazing storly line and game
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    (Original post by Riku)
    My less mainstream childhood faves (could post ****loads of platformers/Final Fantasy):

    I can't believe I forgot the Hercules game! That was amazing, as was this:

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    (Original post by Fusion)
    I'd love to see a modern remake of it with better controls/graphics etc

    It was the perfect blend of action/adventure/role playing

    (can't remember anymore quotes)
    I'll give you another one then! "Better stand back mister because I'm about to slash.... all my prices!"

    I'd love a remake, but instead I'm currently fighting the urge of downloading ePSXe and just going through the game all over again!

    (Original post by DH-Biker)
    I was pro at that game. At the start with the Destroyer Droids, I managed to kill those and thusly broke the game off the bat.

    Though the bit with Jar Jar Binks soon after, ****ing fumbling around doing ****ty little puzzles for that crack-head infuriated me to the point I wanted to strike someone innocent with my controller.

    If I was void of anger issues before that game, it definitely changed it with that single mission.

    But the rest of it was great, but I kept managing to kill enemies that weren't supposed to be killed. The game didn't know what to do with itself.

    But I agree, a remake would be great! I remember so much about that game now I'm actually recalling it all. Running around Naboo finding guards and super-blasters and running into groups of droids like a boss.

    Mos Eisely, too, that was quite annoying. Those damn Aliens kept wanting to talk to you...
    Haha, I loved the Tatooine levels, precisely because there was some character development there; are you saying you didn't enjoy chatting to Mat Rags, the greatest bounty hunter the galaxy has ever known?!

    And yeah, Jar Jar was a prat, the worst part of the entire game was having free him from the prison in Otoh Gunga!

    (Original post by itsbea)
    I loved this. I used to play it all the time. I remember getting annoyed when that idiot stole a part from the anakin's pod racer then you'd have to chase after him and kill everyone in his house. There was loads of chasing in that game.
    Vaguely remembering this now! Was that the weird looking silver guy who had that shop just off the racetrack and he stole it just before the race?

    As my nomination has been quite popular, I think that means I've failed in terms of finding a game I love but nobody else knows! So after thinking about it a little more, I've got two more choices, the first Hitman game (Codename 47), most people I know always seemed to the think Silent Assassin was the first game, but not only was Codename 47 my favourite Hitman game by far, it's also one of my favourite games ever.

    Secondly, did anyone have that REALLY old PSX game Little Big Adventure? It was weird as hell, the controls were beyond awful, and the plot, despite not being remotely scary, gave me nightmares for years, but I could still never put it down.


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    The co-op on this was insane!

    I don't understand why no-one likes this?

    I love occasionally wiping the dust off my playstation, so nostalgic
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    (Original post by EllHv1)

    The co-op on this was insane!

    I don't understand why no-one likes this?

    I love occasionally wiping the dust off my playstation, so nostalgic
    What're you talking about? Everyone loves Rayman! =D I still have it in my PlayStation and actively play it haha.

    But thank you for reminding me of Time Busters, I'd completely forgotten about it :P
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    This thread reminds me of the show Pointless, and it seems to me that, just like on the show, people are not reading the question properly.
    I've seen Doom, Rayman, Lylat Wars, Abe's Odyssey, Spyro, Half Life, Super Mario Sunshine I mean these games were pretty much universal it their heyday. I mean come on, people! We're looking for genuine obscurity.

    On a seperate point, I fully endorse both this:
    (Original post by getfunky!)
    Road Rash on the PS1
    the bolded parts of this:
    (Original post by concubine)
    Dark Forces
    Grim Fandango
    Giants: Citizen Kabuto
    System Shock 2
    Fallout 1/2/Tactics
    The Curse of Monkey Island
    Tie Fighter (obviously people have, and it's a classic, but I kinda doubt that the majority of people on here did)
    Dungeon Keeper
    Little Big Adventure 2
    Baldur's Gate (same kinda case as TF)
    and (great game, one of the first 'adult' games I really got to grips with, felt so far ahead of anything I'd played before at the time) this:
    (Original post by Zubby77)
    This was a badass game:

    And finally to add to more of my own:

    Last but not least, platforming childhood addiction by the name of Ancient Empires:
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    (Original post by noggins)
    You must have dreamt that cause it was only available for Sega Mega Drive until the sequel for Xbox many years later
    Sorry, my bad it was the Mega Drive. It was my friends game, I never had an N64 or Mega Drive. We used to play golden eye on the N64 but I think that was when I was much older
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    (Original post by Schemilix)
    Abe's Exoddus, I know few people who've played it. One actually, excluding my mother whom I played it with.

    Otherwise I'm a pretty mainstream gamer. Within final fantasy I like the two overlooked ones though, sigh. So little fan media.
    Damnnn... I remember playing this game on the gameboy :thumbsup:
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    Assassins creed... I think they're great but noone on my friends list play them. They all play FIFA and CoD

    I just want some good players I can talk to on my team
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    Guardian's Crusade. It was such a good little RPG.

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    (Original post by Nick1sHere)
    Assassins creed... I think they're great but noone on my friends list play them. They all play FIFA and CoD

    I just want some good players I can talk to on my team
    Asscreed's one of the big games though. Not exactly obscure.


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