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Games you love that no one else seems to have played

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    (Original post by Fusion)
    I Was just about to post this game. It was brilliant wasn't it!

    "Chokey, chokey, get your chokey"
    LOL, yes it certainly was brilliant, but aside from that, it's also one of the most quotable games I've ever played, you've started me off now!

    "You want a bowl of dweezel? How about a basket of pallie?"
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    (Original post by mevidek)
    Blitzkrieg... What a brilliant game.
    Absolute classic that was.

    For me it is ArmA II, no one I know has played it.
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    Alien Storm and Desert Strike on the sega megadrive
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    (Original post by Introvert2020)
    LOL, yes it certainly was brilliant, but aside from that, it's also one of the most quotable games I've ever played, you've started me off now!

    "You want a bowl of dweezel? How about a basket of pallie?"
    I'd love to see a modern remake of it with better controls/graphics etc

    It was the perfect blend of action/adventure/role playing

    (can't remember anymore quotes)
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    (Original post by takethyfacehence)
    Haha yes! Just in general yes. I too played Hocus Pocus Pink again after all those years and was just blown at how quickly I did it and how easy it was XD but it was so good..

    Rayman was my fave, Original and Gold <3 my bro got original on his PS3 a couple years back and I just sat there playing for about half an hour before I realised I had just zoned everything else out entirely and my brother was wondering when I was gonna leave his bedroom...
    lol, glad im not only one. i never played rayman gold, though i made sure i kept my copy of the original rayman when my sister took the ps1, love it and when i have a spare afternoon i often play it, its just so easy to lose a couple of hours to it though. my friend did give me a cheat to play every level and have like a 99reset lives thing so its almost impossible to die completely, but i lost it and i like to complete games myself.
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    (Original post by TheGoat)
    Kula World / Roll Away :s noone I know seems to have any idea of what it is 8-)
    I played the demo to this - it came free with a games magazine. Little beach ball rolling around maze platforms.
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    (Original post by Kurol)
    I used to play a game called Kurushi on the PS1, it was a block puzzle game that I can't really explain. It was quite plain and I can understand why nobody else played it, but I thought it was fun
    I loved that game too, so addictive! I could sit and play that game for hours.
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    (Original post by geetar)
    you're pretty cool with oyur vincent price stuff, I've seen Dragonwyck. I wouldn't write this but I'm superbly drunk.
    I know right? Dragonwyck is excellent; you should watch the Roger Corman adaptations of Poe.

    And also drink lots of water and go to sleep.
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    Chibi-Robo on Gamecube. I loved that game but it came out quite close to the end of the Gamecube's cycle so went unnoticed by most people.
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    (Original post by the cornerstone)
    most of the the games i thought no one knew, half the people in the internet knew about it

    but anyway since i only found one person that knew about this irl i'll still post it:

    that game was epic
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    (Original post by FloydRix)
    that game was epic
    Indeed it was :cool:
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    (Original post by Raiden10)
    Thief. Tenchu.
    Tenchu was great.

    Here's one not many people here will have played: Dark Age of Camelot. That remains, IMO, one of the best games ever made.

    Also, Siphon Filter on the first Playstation.
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    (Original post by takethyfacehence)
    Rayman, god I loved that (still love it tbh, forever in my heart )
    Jazz Jackrabbit?
    Pink Panther Hocus Pocus Pink or whatever the title was.
    So Hard!
    I remeber Abe Odyessy (scared me as a child) and Croc (PS1).
    Heart of Darkness (scared me as a child) (PS1).
    Skull Monkeys (PS1).

    I've got two games for the PS2 I think that are (realatively) unknown Ico (actually think it is known by people think it should be more popular) and this game called Sorcereress 2 (picked this one up as a three for two offer the other two being pop:sands of time and Devil May Cry).
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    Alpha Protocol is one of the greatest games I've ever played, yet there isn't any love for it. I don't whether I got an anomaly, but I got no glitches whatsoever and actually it's one of the most in depth games I've ever got my hands on. Whenever a half term comes around I always replay it. I guess this in this day and age unless it's a FPS shooter where everything is linear, nobody has any love for games that involve the player. Anyway, get Alpha Protocol ASAP, you won't regret it.
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    Zelda: A link to the past
    Abe's Oddysee
    Soul Blade
    Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
    Total Carnage
    Altered Beast
    Nightmare Creatures
    Golden Axe
    Fist of the North Star / Last Battle
    Breath of Fire III
    Ape Escape
    Hogs of War
    Battle Arena Toshinden
    Dynasty Warriors 1 (which was completely different to the successors)

    tonnes more!
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    (Original post by Hester_23)
    Alien Storm and Desert Strike on the sega megadrive
    My brother has an authentic SEGA copy of Alien Storm we always play it when I go home. He always demands to play as the robot haha.
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    I like playing COD, Im sure nobody has heard about that game before....
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    Im sorry I should have said ' Call of Duty' as noone has heard this game before
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    age of mythology, age of empires, diablo, zoo tycoon, rollercoaster tycoon and THEME HOSPITALLLLL
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    The Shenmue series for Dreamcast. :love:

    Shenmue was my favourite game from about the age of 8/9 when I used to play it whenever my Nanna's boyfriend's stepdaugher (I think that was how she was related to him, might have been granddaughter though) babysat us and played it with me (I made her do the "scary" scenes like when the guy tried to stab you in the tattoo parlour). Then that Christmas my parents got me a Dreamcast and the second game in the series. I played it constantly, they then bought me the first for my birthday and I spent practically all my time playing them. After completing it 3/4 times with Dad doing the "scary" bits I completed it myself, and just kept doing it over and over, looking for extra scenes and things that I missed (like actually finding that house for the old lady at the start, or collecting the martial arts scrolls and cassettes).

    I even wrote a step-by-step walkthrough for both games including the extra scenes, directions, buttons to press for QTE etc and started doing things like making him buy 3 drinks a day to represent 3 meals and having set drinks for each. I also did the same with feeding the cat twice a day and giving her milk. And he spent Saturdays "training" and Sundays in arcades/casino as I started finishing the game too early from knowing what to do off-by-heart. I also stopped him running (except the bit where he has to rescue Nozomi). I'm running out of new ways to play it tbh.

    It's just a shame they probably won't ever release Shenmue 3; Ryo will be stuck in that cave forever. :cry2:


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