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If Pokemon were real...

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    (Original post by Kurol)
    Yeah, there are quite a few now! Jolteon is still my favourite though
    That makes two for Jolteon. I used to play that game and my Jolteon was super strong and almost impossible to hit. Actually hitting an enemy was such a pain though :rolleyes:
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    It would be super awesome!!!
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    I would go traditional and have a Pikachu as a companion. I also wouldn't allow Misty to friendzone me so easily.
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    (Original post by Rawrk)
    Arcanine ftw.
    Maybe an Articuno, and an Eevee...Pidgey too. And a Gengar.

    Sod it, can I just have one each of the original 150 please?
    Another pidgey fan! Articuno was also my favourite legendary bird. Gengar would scare me though I think! especially after seeing this

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    I'd have a Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno followed by a Mewtwo and a Dragonite thrown in for the lulz.
    Yeah, I said that.
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    (Original post by Kurol)
    ...How? XD actually, nevermind :eek: I always preferred staryu anyway!
    I have no clue to be honest! lol.

    Something about it that's so attractive :cool:
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    I wonder if Vanillite actually tastes like ice cream...
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    I'd be a pokemon doctor And my trusty companion would be Piplup!

    Although you could probably tell from my sig....
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    I'd sell masterballs on the black market.
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    If pokemon were real, this would be the equivalent of a tigerskin rug, only more awesome!

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    (Original post by Kurol)
    Would you become a trainer? Have them as pets? Be a Pokemon nurse/photographer/some other profession?

    What would your ideal team be?

    Edit: I'd have bulbasaur, raichu, pidgey (yes, pidgey), arcanine, rapidash and golduck BTW
    Knowing all my faves are dog/fox pokemon and mainly fire in type, I'd likely do better by training my pokemon to perform as an act
    (my six would be Vulpix, Houndour, Flareon, Arcanine, Vaporeon and Leafeon)
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    I have insomnia so I'd have a Jigglypuff as a pet.
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    Having Lugia would be a must.
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    (Original post by IWantSomeMushu)
    Having Lugia would be a must.
    Wouldn't he be busy guarding the sea and making sure the other legendary birds behave themselves? D:
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    I'd eat Tauros meat.

    But I'd probably have a Houndoom and a Scyther in my team. They're both pretty badass!
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    I'd have Snorlax and sleep with him.
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    In my head pokemon has been real since red, blue and yellow. Gen I is and always will be my favourite and i used to want a Hypno (it's so cool!) and i used to have a recurring dream where it would follow me round in a blue waist coat and just be epic!

    I'd be a trainer and fight with Alakazam, Aerodactyl, Lapras, Arcanine, Vileplume and Jolteon.
    I'd never fight with Hypno! he'd sit next to me whilst i battle and i'd pat his head, much like Giovanni and Persian
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    (Original post by aspirinpharmacist)
    I'd be a trainer/scientist. Maybe a pokemon pharmacist.

    And I would have 7 Eevees (then evolve them all differently, and leave the last one as an Eevee), a Vulpix and a Manectric. Actually, there's 8 different Eeveelutions now, aren't there? Can't remember, I've been on Ruby for years.
    Lol you could dispense all the potions, repels and full heals!

    If pokemon were real i'd eat so many rare candies :cool:
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    (Original post by Jack59)
    I'd have Snorlax and sleep with him.
    :teehee: each to their own


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