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HELPPPP! uni work/post...stressed!

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    Okay so I've gone home from uni for Christmas early, had an essay to do and was just gonna send it in the post...left it late (doing it now), stressed about if it will get there in time......... I will post it in tomorrow mornings first mail collect with a first class stamp, I live in Durham (near Newcastle) and it needs to be in Manchester this Monday at my uni by 5pm at latest. Considering its Christmas and post being busy, CHANCES OF GETTING THERE ON TIME??? Stress mess.
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    I say you do first class special delivery and without a doubt it will be there the following morning at 9 o clock. If not, then you get around 500 pounds compensation. It's around 4 pounds
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    or email your university?
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    Saturday -> Monday would not be 100% definite if it wasn't christmas. Any chance you could type up the essay and email it?
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    Email it to a coursemate and get them to print it and hand it in for you.
    I'm surprised you can do it by post, my uni only allows it in person and you must have your student card/ a photocopy.
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    Our postal submissions count as long as the post mark is from before the deadline. So if it's due at 5pm on Thursday, as long as it's posted before 4:59pm Thursday, it counts. Check that your dept. doesn't do that?
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    I would be more worried about returning to Manchester for the next term.
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    i'm surprised that you can just post an essay
    at my uni you have to e-submit it and then put it in a special pigeon hole thingy with an official looking form and personal barcode...

    anyway, send it by special delivery is the best way to do it, it will cost you more but worth it
    how come you came home early?


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Updated: December 16, 2011
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