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Films your most looking forward to in 2012!

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    The Hunger Games, because the books are amazing and I can't wait to see the film.
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    The Hobbit :excited:
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    Am looking forward to....
    Dark knight rises
    hobbit pt 1
    007 skyfall
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    (Original post by thompsonic7)
    Birdsong (adaptation of the novel) starring Eddie Redmayne :love:
    are you kidding me? that show was just another soppy costume drama with lots of nudity. It was awful...
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    (Original post by Pride)
    are you kidding me? that show was just another soppy costume drama with lots of nudity. It was awful...
    The adaptation wasnt great. Read the book.
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    (Original post by thompsonic7)
    The adaptation wasnt great. Read the book.
    I have heard mixed opinions on the book, but opinions on the adaption were unanimous lol.
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    Birdsong made me cry sooo much!
    Definately most looking forward to THE NEW MUPPET MOVIE! <3 Not long now! Soo unfair that the states got to see it so much earlier that us!
    Also the hobbit - bit worried about it though, as I love the book... and I don't think much of Peter Jackson as a director... like LOTR, but I really hated the books, so...
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    defo American Pie: Reunion and skyfall
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    Hunger Games - I have a date with a GIRL!
    Batman & Hobbit for obvious reasons.
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    Hunger Games - the books are amazing
    The Hobbit - no explanation necessary
  11. Offline

    CHUCK!!! I'll cry if they dont do one.
  12. Offline

    The Hunger Games,


    The Dark Knight Rises.
  13. Offline

    Ghost Rider 2..... :awesome:
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    'The Dark Knight Rises' (will be hard to live up to its' predecessor, but Christopher Nolan is a pretty amazing director, so it will be worth a watch nonetheless).
    Also, 'A Dangerous Method' - interesting subject matter (and Michael Fassbender is well tasty )
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    I want to go see the Woman in Black......but I don't understand why it's a 12a?
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    The Dark Knight Rises is the one
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    (Original post by nannipigg)
    I want to go see the Woman in Black......but I don't understand why it's a 12a?
    oooohh! I really want to see that too - read the book hundreds of times & love the 89 tv version - it was terrifying! :eek:
    Do you mean its too low or high a rating? Cause its a Hammer film (another reason I want to see it - the return of Hammer! ) so its probably on the violent side - i'd guess much more visual than the 89 version was... I didn't realise it was only a 12a - I assumed it'd be a 15 at least...
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    The hobbit!!!!!
  19. Offline

    Oooh. Tough one. Got to be between....



    THE HOBBIT!!!!

    I mean, have you seen the casts, have you seen them?
  20. Offline

    The Hobbit
    The Amazing Spiderman
    The Woman in Black (seeing this on Wednesday, majorly excited!!)
    The Dark Knight Rises


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Updated: February 28, 2012
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