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Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea 22/12/11, 20:00

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    How was that a corner ffs? Bale is way overrated, just a shame Bosingwa is rubbish.
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    I love sturridge
  3. Offline

    Oh dear, two goals conceded by both teams sloppy
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    Sturridge :adore:
  5. Offline

    Good game for us neutrals so far!
  6. Offline

    Drogba so close. Hits the post
  7. Offline

    why isn't luiz on the bench?
  8. Online

    Bosingwa at Centre back.....
  9. Offline

    Ade is very lucky to still be on, tbh - if he wasn't on a yellow then no doubt in my mind that he'd have gotten one then.
  10. Offline

    he'll get sent off eventually :holmes:

    Edit: Whoever negged this, I aint even mad, and GET A LIFE YOU WASTE!
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    (Original post by Dewsy)
    Good game for us neutrals so far!
    Indeed, that´s the kind of match neutrals are looking for. As a supporter you just can´t enjoy a game like this while calmly eating snacks and hoping for a goal.
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    lol mikels injured i guess your wishes came true
  13. Offline

    2 subs before half time... I'm hoping that get to see torres as the third sub.
  14. Offline

    (Original post by Sandra1993)
    2 subs before half time... I'm hoping that get to see torres as the third sub.
    Torres only comes on when Chelsea are up 3-0 :lol:
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    (Original post by Sandra1993)
    why isn't luiz on the bench?
    He's injured.
    2-1 chelsea most likely. I think the 3rd sub will be lampard to add something in midfield.
  16. Offline

    Modric of the right :facepalm2:

    Just play 4-3-3 Harry. Anything to have Modric in the middle of the park.
  17. Offline

    Harry doesn't know of the number 3. He only knows 1, 2, and 4.
  18. Offline

    torres is coming on!
  19. Offline

    (Original post by Sandra1993)
    torres is coming on!
    Good, only 1 striker for chelsea then.
  20. Offline

    Wow what good pieces of defending from Terry at the end there or else Abe would have won it!


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Updated: December 22, 2011
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