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Single room to let near Brookes University

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    I am postgrad student at Brookes but due to personal reasons i have to withdraw the course and go home. So now I am looking for a replacement to my room. It is clean good size single room very close to Oxford Brookes University available until the end of August 2012. To share with 3 female Brookes students in a 4 bedroom house in Valentia Road. The property has 2 bathrooms, dining area with fully furnished kitchen including washing machine, fridge, freezer, microwave, cooker, toaster; garden and parking. Wi Fi Broadband connection available. Housemates are very friendly, tidy, responsible and quiet. The room is equipped with single bed, wardrobe, desktop, chair, 3 shelves. view from the window to the garden. + I am leaving all kitchen utensils and some stuff as iron, kettle, duvet, pillow etc. Price is 275 pp month, bills are not included. Estimated monthly cost of the bills – 30 pounds (should be cheaper in non-winter period)
    If you are interested, please, get back to me!
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    Is the room still available? I am a second year Brookes female student and I am looking for a nice and quiet room for at least 4 months!

    Could you please let me know!



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Updated: February 1, 2012
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