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Revision thread - Accounting (AQA) Unit ACCN2 - 16 January 2012 (pm)

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    joking chill, im just saying i got 1.17
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    was it 20,0000/ blah blah.....
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    (Original post by Captivity of negativity)
    was it 20,0000/ blah blah.....
    LOL sure. Yeah its something like that.
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    whats with the sure? tryna take the mick? was it 20,000,000 on top or not
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    (Original post by Captivity of negativity)
    whats with the sure? tryna take the mick? was it 20,000,000 on top or not
    Yup, its on the top and bottom basically its like 20,000,000/20,000,000+Total Capital and Reserves.
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    (Original post by Captivity of negativity)
    debtor collection period 45
    creditor collection period 30?
    debtor collection period was 50 days
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    no its 45 days and 29...30 days nice lie

    i can remember 44...... 45
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    bump.... guys can you be more active on the thread....
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    guys, i reckon the grade boudaries will go up, it was an easy paper besides the first question. what did everyone write on the options? anyway moving on to unit 3
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    Looks like everyone did well excep me
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    (Original post by camlough1)
    debtor collection period was 50 days
    yupp i got 50days for debtors aswell..
    49.sumk sumk
    not 45, pretty sure its 50 i done it 2 or 3 tymz to make sure..
    you did use the formula debtors/credit salesx365 right?
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    im hundred percent sure it was like the following :

    it was 29.9...30
    44..... =45

    30 and 45
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    AAT have you got hold of the paper yet?
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    these were the questions that came up note m = marks

    1a) define capital expenditure 2 m
    b) calculate the amount to be included as revenue expenditure in the income statement 6 m

    2a) Prepare an Income statement taking into account the additional info there was 7 notes and there was errors in the income statement harry prepared. 25 m (23m + 2QWC)

    b) calculate the capital balance 4m

    3a) calculate the interest on debentures 2m

    b) calculate the gearing ratio state your formula 5m

    c) prepare the equity section of the balance sheet 6m

    d) calculate the dividend 3m

    e) Assess the impact of choosing either option 1 debentures and option 2 issuing shares on the profitablity and liquiduity (16m + 2QWC)

    4a) calculate the debtor ratio state the formula used 2m

    b) calculate the creditor ratio state the formula used 2m

    c) discuss the impact of the ratios calculated in part a and b on the business and compare with last years 7m

    AAT this were the topics that came up. the way i have written these are NOT how they were worded in the exam. im pretty sure about the marks allocated to each question though.
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    dude can someone tell me there net profit i got 19166!!!!!!!!!! AAT get hold of the paper brother!
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    captivity of neagtivity do you agree with the marks i gave for each question. i told u i got 19672 for my net profit.
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    no did you include the provision for doubtful debts ? of about 538
    did u include did you add the stock back on then subtracted the net realisable value?
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    look at june 11 marksceheme

    simmilar quetion you gota add the stock back on - net realisble value
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    (Original post by sukhys)
    actually i did NRV, try and get the paper. then we can see.

    how can it be subtract net realisble value ? youve got to include the innital value of at cost............. then subtract the net realisable value, look at june 2011 markscehem for yoursef.
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    ask AAT youve got to include the closing stock by added it back on then take away the net realisble valuem i made the same mistake in june and it costed me big time


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Updated: April 28, 2012
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