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The Last Book you Read..

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    Not sure there's a thread like this, but I'm sure it would generate a lot of discussion..

    So - what book did you last read, rate it out of 5 and comment!
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    Hitler's Canary by Sandi Toksvig.


    It was an enjoyable read and I found it interesting because it was set in Denmark in WW2 but it was just so short and so easy to read, I finished it in 2 nights.
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    Inheritance by Christopher Paolini


    I felt that it lived up to expectations built from the last two books however wasn't entirely satisfied with the ending.
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    Jeeves and Wooster omnibus vol.2 by P.G. Wodehouse: Hugely enjoyable read, love Wodehouse's work easy to read, great piece of escapism 4/5
    The Iron Heel by Jack London: The original futuristic totaltarian state gone mad, really good if you're interested in Socialist politics, if you're a hardline tory you'll hate large parts of this book, but I give it a 5/5 its analysis is great, on par with Orwell and Marx.
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    Reread Jane Eyre 4/5 still loved it but some parts seemed to drag on a great deal but when Bronte was in her element it was amazing- the nature imagery was so beautiful
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    (Original post by jojayne)
    Reread Jane Eyre 4/5 still loved it but some parts seemed to drag on a great deal but when Bronte was in her element it was amazing- the nature imagery was so beautiful
    I love Jane Eyre! Though I completely understand what you mean about some parts dragging on. That has put so many of my friends off finishing it, which is really sad
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    Also read Snuff by Terry Pratchett relatively recently.


    Another excellent book by Terry Pratchet. He explores several interesting issues in this book in entertaining ways. I did however find some parts a little tough going. However this was probably just because because I was overanalysing it
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    I Am Legend by Richard Matheson 6/5. I really enjoyed this book; it's been a while since I've read a good read.
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    London Fields - Martin Amis. 1/5

    Think this is the only book I've ever given up on. I read most of it, but even towards the end NOTHING had happened, so I just skim read the last few pages. Never read something with such a painfully slow plot and no substance at all.
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    Lee Child The Affair 4/5.

    Good but not his best.
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    The Time Traveller's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger.

    4 / 5 - It was a particularly enjoyable read, if not a little confusing - for my simple mind - in places.
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    harry potter and the deathly hallows
    loved every page!
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    An Idiot Abroad - The Travel Diaries

    3/5 It was a laugh
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    Room At The Top by John Braine - 5/5. Classic, a great study of preoccupation with rising through the class system, with a thoroughly relatable, although not always likable, protagonist.
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    The Fellowship of the Ring - 5/5
    Excellent book however found some of the parts a bit slow.
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    I Am The Messenger - Markus Zusak


    Having read The Book Thief (:love:), I was incredibly disappointed. I felt the narrator was a bit too self-righteous at times, and the writing a bit gimmicky. For example:

    Was in.

    ^ ending many sections with this sentence structure got incredibly frustrating. You can use short sentences for effect but this was overkill. People praise it as a book you get hooked by, and read within a day - that's because the writing is so simplistic. It feels like the writer put a similar amount of thought into it as it takes to read.

    Also, I disliked the end; it felt clumsy.

    It wasn't a patch on The Book Thief.
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    Re-read The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. 5/5 - Presents evidence for his ideas and reasoning and composes a great "theory". Which is obviously right but unfortunately it can't be proven
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    Read The Interrogative Mood by Padgett Powell. 4.5/5, as IT'S COMPOSED ENTIRELY OF QUESTIONS. Just questions, like "Are your emotions pure?" and "Where do you stand in relation to the potato?" in a prose format with no answers! Sounds like chaos, and it did feel weird, but it flows surprisingly well, and great for reading chronologically or dipping in and out of.
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    Vanish by Tess Gerritsen


    I have so much love for Gerritsen, i get a little warm and fuzzy everytime i find one of her books :P
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    The Aeneid - Virgil (English)


    Easier to read than I thought, and some really gripping parts. Though I lost a bit of interest at the battle scenes at the end... too much "and X slew Y and then Z and then L but then M tried to kill N but M failed and was killed by O..." (albeit in a more poetic way ). However, for the large part, it was engaging and it should be useful for general knowledge / latin. :yep: Amazing that it was written thousands of years ago but still is powerful!


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