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The Official Cambridge Winter Pool 2012 thread (includes FAQ and daily updates)

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AQA GCSE physics P1 unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    Due to stats Natsci pooled from Jesus got the most offer by other colleges up to 20 O_o Should be a huge relief for Jesus poolees. I like Jesus as well!
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    a medicine fish...haven't heard a thing..
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    We're just baby fishes and so it's hard for them to fish. Thus longer time required!
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    may be of interest
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    (Original post by Woopdedoop)
    I've been taking some solace from this so I thought I might as well give my details.

    I applied for physical natsci at Pembroke (Pembroke seems to have pooled loads!) and haven't heard anything yet. :eek:
    I'm in the same boat (ha! lame pun) regarding phys natsci at Pem, it's very unnerving... I might have an ulcer soon :P I'm also trying to read these posts in an effort to comfort me.. some help, while others just crush that recently built-up hope. Good luck with your application, let us know how it turns out
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    It certainly is - well spotted!
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    Really enjoyed Guardian Article in Ydraggisl post. Read it!
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    A good read thanks for the article.

    This is what it all looks like

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    I was just thinking 'my application was somewhere in that room'
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    This was great thanks.
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    I just read the article, strangely it made me feel a lot better about the whole process! Some of the quotes are quite brutal though, like the boy they pooled because "I feel sorry for him, but I don't think we can fix the problem"...
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    Wow that was an interesting article thanks for posting
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    I wonder what they said when they picked out my file :s
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    (Original post by El_Matador)
    I wonder what they said when they picked out my file :s
    I was thinking the same thing.
    It made me depressed...
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    (Original post by Poppy Turner)
    I was thinking the same thing.
    It made me depressed...
    At least you have been fished out already... Not everybody did... So u should be happy !!
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    (Original post by Kellettwm)
    Afraid not History Any idea of what hall you want to go to?
    Probably Clifton Hill House - I hear they have pianos, and it's central, and lovely roomsss!!
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    Pooled by Pembroke PPS and fished out by Trinity earlier this week! Well, fished out for a re-interview to be specific.
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    The thread falling silent is a sign it's time for bed! I'm looking forward to hearing feedback if I do get rejected.
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    Nighty-night fishies....

    Today I almost started crying in school (well, actually, I could feel the tears...) after I checked my e-mail during lunch and : NOTHING...
    Emotional breakdown...

    Cambridge doesn't like people with American qualifications who would pay EU fees...

    GOOD LUCK to everyone! We are ALLLL beyond awesome... no matter what...!!!!! we were pooled....
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    Really hope everyone hear the good news tomorrow..
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